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Hello I'm John Fish and I've been inspecting Homes since 2009 along with a working background in construction mainly roofing. I have the experience and knowledge needed to preform a high level home inspection. Personally preformed thousands of home inspections. Working hard to consistently produce the highest quality home inspection along with a report that you will call outstanding. I'm highly motivated to be the best. My competitive nature goes way back from playing sports as long as I can remember. If a jobs worth doing than do it better than everyone. Those are the words I live by and have built a successful business from nothing with that philosophy. I like to leave my clients with a better understanding of the condition of the home there buying and maintenance tips for the future. Because my home inspections aren't only a report on the homes condition, it's an education for home buyers.

How I ended up in the home inspection business

The better question may be how I ended up in Houston Tx. that's a question for another day. The funny thing is i was interested in home inspections ever since I bought my first home back in 1994. I had asked my home inspector about it but never followed up. The simple truth is my wife was taking classes to become a realtor. I was looking at a pamphlet she had brought home from her school and noticed that they offered home inspection courses. So in 2009 I enrolled in home inspection classes and past my test in October of 2009 and have been a full time home inspector since that time. I enjoy the job of helping people in this life changing decision and wish I had pursued this back in 1994.

Our Goals

Informing the client about the homes condition -->                                      

The #1 objective is to inform home buyers, sellers about any defects that are present at the home at the time of the inspection.

Providing a service that is second to none -->

Every home inspectors goal should be to provide outstanding service. This starts at the first phone call to going over any report questions after the report has been delivered. Remember I'm only a phone call away.

Delivering clear accurate reports  -->

Providing reports that are easy to understand displaying photos and comments so the client can easy understand any issues found.

Offering more services to meet the needs of every client -->

I have you covered offering more services included with your home inspection than most and the best part no extra fees just one affordable price learn more what's included with your home inspection when you schedule with Houston's edge home inspections. I have many services that you can add on as well. I have teamed up with other professional inspectors in different fields who believe in providing great services as I do so they have you covered.

Offering great value 

I'm a home inspection company that offers exceptional value at a price that is affordable to all. Also your always guaranteed to have an experienced home inspector. Give me a call 281-770-2773 I would loved to be your home inspector Houston tx.

Who can benefit from our service.

Weather your a seasoned home buyer, first time home buyer, or investor you need someone who has your best interest at heart. That’s where Houston’s Edge home inspections comes to the rescue.

My promise to you I will always provide you with an unbiased inspection home inspection. Weather the homes in good condition or poor condition you will know all the details of the homes condition.

Why hire me as your home inspector?


Experience I have the experience that counts. You don’t have to guess who will be inspecting your home Inspection companies employing multiply home inspectors go by the founders/owners experience who may have tons of experience. It’s important to find out what the experience is of the home inspector that will be performing the inspection for you usually much lower than the owner of the company or could be a newer home inspector. I have performed over 2000 professional inspections as a licensed home inspector in Houston Texas. This is why my reports are a step above the competition providing you with the most detailed information about the home you plan to purchase.

Outstanding Reports

My Reports are some of the best in the business. The home inspection report is the meat and potatoes of the what problem areas my be present at the home your buying. I provide a top rated report that’s detailed to each and every home I inspect.

My home inspection tool box

Residential home inspections coupled with experience and advanced tools. That's what you should be looking for when you hire a home inspector.

Unbiased Inspections

I work for the buyer and always give an unbiased opinion. It’s important to know that you receive an honest valued judgment of the homes condition.

Affordable pricing

Affordable Prices that don’t break the bank. Fair pricing is what I do I could charge more for my experience and extra services, but I pay it forward to my clients. When people understand what a great valuate they received I receive referrals and that’s how I get repaid for offering a service at a fair price.

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