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Reasons to have a Professional home inspector

I am a  home inspector performing professional home inspections with a professional home inspection report.
Average home inspection cost puzzle, money, business

Cost effective

With the average home inspection cost being around $325. 00. The home inspection can expose defects that can cost you thousands of dollars.
Thermal imaging of electric panel

Safety issues

Homes can have safety issues present especially at the electrical systems. Make sure to protect your family from unseen hazards.
brick wall, cracked, movement tell-tale

Structural or foundation  issues

Make sure your home is structurally sound and doesn't need foundation repairs. 

A/C condensing unit

Equipment that doesn't operate or outdated

You will want to know if expensive HVAC equipment is functioning properly and how much life expectancy is left.
roof inspection photo

Moisture intrusion

Make sure the home doesn't have any moisture issues this could be because of roofing issues or other. Roofing repairs or replacement is expensive.
Home inspection peace of mind

Peace of mind

Knowing details of the homes condition can be very valuable to a home buyer and can give you confidence with your next step.

Why hire me for your home inspection service?

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Over 10 years of experience as a licensed home inspector.
After inspecting 1,000"s of homes you become very good at your job. Knowing exactly what to look out for to find defects that may go overlooked by an inexperienced home inspector.

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Exceptionally detailed home inspection reports
I take a lot of pride in presenting a quality customized report that exceeds your expectations. My home inspection reports can't be matched with a company that spits out a report at the end of the inspection.

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Endless hours of continuing education.
I have continuously gone over the 32 hours of continuing education

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5-star Google reviews
I have a great online reputation and I earn it with each home inspection I perform.

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My use of high tech equipment
Even though the requirements do not require specialized equipment I take advantage of technology. High tech moisture meters, zip level, thermal imaging.

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Valuable home inspection service at an affordable price. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view residential home inspection cost
Residential home inspection cost

Residential Home inspection specialist

Whether your an experienced home buyer, First-time home buyer, or seller. Houston's edge home inspections LLC can help
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Buyers Inspection

Experienced buyers or first-time home buyers. No matter what the case is you'll need someone with your best interest in mind. Doesn't matter if the homes new construction or an older home  I specialize in residential home inspections
Home inspection cost on home over 20 years old

Sellers inspection

Receive top dollar for your home. Making sure that there aren't any unexpected issues that can spook a home buyer that cost you a sell is a valuable information to know. Before you list your home have it inspected

Home warranty inspections

Has your home inspected before the home warranty expires? If there are items that need to be repaired make sure it's coming out of the home builder's pocket and not yours.
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Houston home inspection reports

Reports delivered within 24hr.

Home inspection photo of interior of a home
I chose quality over quantity.
Houston home inspector photo person typing
Houston home inspector photo person typing
Next day vs onsite delivery?
whats important

The home inspection report

The most important aspect about the service is the home inspection report After all that's what you came to find out is the condition of the residential property.

Learn all about my home inspection reports. Details count big time.

I spend most of my time creating the Report. Many times the Report takes longer to produce than it takes to do the inspection. Are you considering hiring an inspector who provides a Report on-site? I urge you to ask yourself how good will the report be that was produced in about a three or four-hour window during the inspection. A Report delivered on-site will not be customized to the home, making it just a generic report. I feel that I must make things as clear as possible. Many times the report takes me three hours or longer to produce. I produce quality customized Reports, and that’s not going to happen using only drop-down comments. I offer a unique Report because all homes are not the same. Our specialized custom Reports what your looking for at an affordable, fair price than you have found your inspector view a report and give me a call 281-770-2773

Now the real work begins documenting all the details in an easy to read Report. My Reports are composed of pictures of defects and a detailed comment below the image, so it's clear what the issue is. I make the Reports easy to read even if you don't know anything about a home besides living in one. The Report will be given within 24 hours most of the time it's delivered the next morning. I send the report to your email unless you make payment online, and then I send you a link where you can pay and download your Report. The Report is sent in a PDF format, so downloading and viewing is a breeze. Important once you have the Report, please carefully read you may be surprised at the number of issues found by your Home inspector. Once you have learned everything, you are always welcome to give me a call and ask for my advice. I build relationships with people, so there's no question too small

Why the next day and not onsite delivered home inspection reports?

My goal is to deliver an impressively detailed report to the client. If I could inspect the home and gather all the information and produce a highly detailed Report in the home inspection window, I would, but the truth is, I can't achieve that type of quality in just three hours. There are a lot of components to a home. Writing a Report in such a small time frame would cause a loss in quality. That's just something I'm not willing to compromise on, and neither should you. Buying a home is an investment in the future. Armed with the right ammunition can save you from a huge mistake or adequately prepare you for negotiations. That's the reason why I spend my time at the home looking for the defects, and not writing the report on-site. So make sure to hire an inspector who's going to take the time to investigate the house properly and spend the time off-site on the Report.

 Professional home inspection Finds

These are just a few of the type of defects  that could be lurking in the home your under contract to purchase.
  • Gurgling Toilets

    Home inspection finds Federal pacific stab lok
    Federal Pacific

    Home inspector finds double tapped breakers
    Double tapped breaker

    Professional home inspector findsStains at supply registers

    Register stains

  • Dryer vent
    Dryer venting into attic
    Mold like stains
    Result of dryer venting into attic
    Plumbing leaks
    Leaking valves at laundry stand
    Plumbing drains issues
    Plumbing under pier and beam foundation not secured or sloped properly
Slider #1 Photo explanations

Gurgling toilets

Gurgling toilets yes the name doesn't sound too attractive I know. A gurgling toilet could cause a home buyer problems down the road and some of them may be seriously expensive. The cause could be as simple as a drain clog or more serious like tree roots damaging the sewer line. It also could be an issue with your vent stack which allows sewer gases to escape to through a vent out the roof to exterior air. In any case I always recommend a qualified plumber to evaluate.

Federal Pacific Stab Lok

Federal Pacific stab Lok service panels. These types of service panels can be found in homes built in the 1960's to the 1980's. I always recommend replacement of this type of service panel . These types of service panels are a know fire hazard.

Double tapped breakers

This is another fire hazards and it is recommended that a qualified electrician correct the issues.

Mold like stains on supply registers

This can be an indication of an oversized A/C unit that cools to quickly and turns off before removing enough humidity or leaky ducts pulling in hot air from the attic. Either way your going to need an HVAC technician to take a look and a professional duct cleaning service.
Slider #2 Photo explanations
Dryer vents into attic space
Dryers venting into attic is a bad ideal. This photo shows a dryer vent that had come disconnected probable due to lint build up in the dryer vent. Venting a dryer into the attic is a fire hazard. Dryer vents venting into the attic can cause excessive humidly and moisture issues. The photo at the right of the dryer venting into the attic is a photo of the closet area below where dryer vent was venting into the attic. this home was only 1 year old. The closet was full of mold like stains on ceiling and walls. The area had a very high elevated moisture readings. Not only was there a lot of mold like stains it also smelled like mold as soon as you opened the door. Just another interesting and health risk find from this home inspector in Texas. 
Results of dryer venting into the attic
As you can see this is not a very healthy living situation.
Leaking hose bibs
Leaking plumbing valves or plumbing supplies is a lot more common than you may think.
Plumbing drains not supported and suspended.
This home is a pier and beam home and this is what I found under the home during the house inspection. Plumbing supplies not supported or secured. They were also not sloped properly for water to drain correctly. This could cause plumbing backups or drain lines that break apart. Diffidently  call for a plumber if your buying this home.

Don't get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement

HVAC Systems

You need your A/C and heating to work properly. It can cost a lot of money to replace. Check the cost of HVAC replaces here.
HVAC replacement cost

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is expensive to replace and a neglected roof can add additional cost if moisture intrusion has resulted from a leaky roof.  
Roofing materials replacement


What type of plumbing supplies a home has will provide a huge clue at telling you when you may expect to have to replace the plumbing
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Foundation repairs

Make sure you hire an experienced home inspector and does foundation measurements because cost could sky rocket if you need repairs.
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