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Aldred 24-Hour Electric Logo

graphic designer




134700 - 88300 USD ANNUAL

Aldred 24-Hour Electric

Scottsdale, AZ

Unknown / Non-Applicable

Company - Private

Job Description

Sr. Graphic Designer

- EA 000247 - Fully Remote
Primary Location United States-EA Home Based

Electrify America is committed to revolutionizing the way people charge. As the country's largest open DC fast charging network, Electrify America is actively contributing to electrifying mobility today and building a more sustainable future.

At Electrify America, we value innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability. We strive to establish a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can develop personally and professionally. As a team member at this rapidly growing company, you can work on state-of-the-art technology and join a team making a significant impact in the world. If you're interested in joining a dynamic, innovative company, Electrify America is a place where you can learn, grow, and make a difference!

Role Summary:

As a Senior Graphic Designer, you will play a critical role in creating visually compelling and impactful designs while taking on additional responsibilities such as mentoring junior designers. With extensive experience and expertise in graphic design, you will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing design solutions that align with brand strategies, business objectives, and target audience preferences. Your creative vision, strategic thinking, and attention to detail will contribute to delivering high-quality design materials across various platforms. As the senior graphic designer, you will develop visual elements to shape and communicate the brand’s identity

In addition to your design responsibilities, you will also serve as a leader and mentor to junior designers. You will guide and inspire them, providing constructive feedback, sharing best practices, and helping them grow and develop their design skills. Your ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members, stakeholders, and clients will be essential in guiding design projects, ensuring consistency, and achieving successful outcomes.

This senior-level role offers an opportunity to showcase your design expertise, demonstrate leadership qualities, and make a meaningful impact on the creative team. By fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, you will help shape the future of the design team while elevating the overall quality of design deliverables and nurturing the growth of emerging talent.

Role Responsibilities:

Design Creation and Execution (70%):

  • The primary responsibility of a senior graphic designer is to create visually stunning and effective designs.
  • Conceptualizing design ideas, producing design assets, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality materials across various platforms.
  • Focused attention on producing exceptional design work.
  • Develop visual elements to shape and communicate the brand’s identity; logos, typography, and maintaining brand guidelines/playbook across all “Electrify” brands
  • Inspires confidence in our brand and content strategy practices
  • Leverages research and analytics
  • Leads effective creative /design workshops
  • Establishes official artifacts (Figma, Figjam, File Naming, etc.)

Collaboration and Project Management (15%):

  • Effective collaboration and project management are essential aspects of a senior graphic designer's role.
  • Working closely with cross-functional teams, clients, and stakeholders to understand project requirements, manage timelines, and ensure successful project outcomes

Leadership and Mentorship (10%):

  • Guiding their creative development, providing constructive feedback, sharing industry best practices, and fostering their professional growth
  • Allows for the cultivation of a collaborative and supportive design team.

Continuous Learning and Industry Research (5%):

  • Stay updated with the latest design trends, emerging technologies, and industry advancements.
  • Enable the exploration of new design techniques, tools, and approaches to maintain a competitive edge and contribute innovative ideas to design projects.

Years of Relevant Experience:

  • 7-10 years of relevant experience in graphic design.

Education (Required):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Fine Arts, or a related field
  • Other bachelor’s degree with strong proven design expertise

Education (Desired):

  • Provide portfolio of existing work


Resourceful, flexible and results oriented with a positive attitude and the ability to contribute in a team environment

  • Branding and Identity Development: Expertise in branding and identity development is crucial for senior graphic designers. They should be able to create or refine brand guidelines, maintain brand consistency across all design materials, and contribute to brand strategy discussions by providing valuable design insights.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: Taking on leadership roles, guiding junior team members, and providing mentorship can demonstrate your growth as a designer. Developing leadership skills such as delegation, effective communication, and providing constructive feedback will position you for further career advancement.
  • Project Management: As a designer, you may have increased ownership over projects and be responsible for managing them from start to finish. Acquiring project management skills, such as setting timelines, defining project scopes, coordinating with stakeholders, and ensuring timely delivery, will be beneficial for effectively handling multiple design projects simultaneously.
  • Collaboration: Focuses on being a world-class individual contributor and demonstrates grace during difficult situations.
  • Client Interaction and Presentation: Designers often have direct client interactions, presenting and discussing design concepts and solutions. Strengthening your communication and presentation skills will enable you to effectively convey your design rationale, handle client feedback, and build positive relationships. Active listening, diplomacy, and the ability to articulate design choices clearly are important in these interactions.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: A solid understanding of user experience design principles and methodologies is valuable for a senior graphic designer. They should be able to create intuitive and user-friendly designs, conduct user research, develop wireframes and prototypes, and collaborate with UX/UI designers to create cohesive and engaging user experiences.
  • Design Proficiency: A strong foundation in design principles, including typography, color theory, layout, composition, and visual hierarchy, is crucial. Proficiency in design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) or other industry-standard tools is expected.
  • Creativity and Visual Storytelling: The ability to think creatively, generate innovative ideas, and translate concepts into compelling visual designs is essential. A keen eye for aesthetics and the capacity to tell stories visually can help capture the attention and engage the target audience effectively.
  • Attention to Detail: Having a meticulous eye for detail is crucial to ensure accurate and high-quality design deliverables. Paying attention to small details such as alignment, consistency, and grammar helps maintain brand integrity and professionalism.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing priorities, work well under pressure, and handle feedback and revisions with a positive attitude is important. Flexibility in adjusting design approaches based on project requirements and evolving marketing strategies is valuable in this dynamic role.
  • Industry and Technical Knowledge: Staying updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and design software advancements is crucial for a senior graphic designer. They should continually expand their knowledge and skills to deliver cutting-edge and industry-leading designs.

Specialized Skills (Required):

  • Experience with Design software (i.e. InVision, Figma ) or editing tools (Photoshop, etc.)
  • Experience with project management tools (, JIRA, etc.)
  • Champions design principles
  • Understanding of visual elements (layout, type and fonts)
  • Ability to move forward with imperfect data
  • Embraces storytelling techniques
  • Demonstrates creativity in approach and output
  • Time management and multitasking abilities
  • Creativity skills and problem-solving aptitude
  • Understand project requirements and concepts
  • Use various techniques to create drafts, models and prototypes
  • Produce final design solutions (like logos, banners, interfaces)
  • Collaborate with team members to launch projects, provide feedback and guidance for junior designers
  • Take on special design tasks (e.g. color correction)

Specialized Skills (Desired):

  • Pitch creative ideas
  • Use feedback from Sr. designers to improve
  • Enthusiasm for an electric future

Work Flexibility:

  • Domestic travel may be required; estimated at 0-5%
Electrify America is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, and do not discriminate based on race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, color, gender identity/expression, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by applicable laws.

Salary range is dependent on factors such as geographical differentials, industry-based experience, skills, training, credentials, and other qualifications.
In the state of California, the salary range is $97,100 - $148,200.
In the state of Colorado, the salary range is $88,300 - $134,700.
In the state of Washington, the salary range is $97,100 - $148,200.
In New York City, the salary range is $105,900 - $161,700.
In Westchester County, the salary range is $105,900 - $161,700.
In the state of Rhode Island, the salary range is $88,300 - $134,700.

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