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Home inspectors Spring tx

Feel like your in a whirlwind? the home buying process will do that to you. Now your offer has been accepted and you have only 7 days to hire home inspector Spring tx and have a home inspection completed. The limited amount of time means you have to move fast . This usually results in a home buyer either hiring the first Spring home inspector their realtor recommends or hiring the first inspector they click online without giving it much consideration besides price and availability.
Theirs much more to consider when scheduling the home inspection. Here at Houston’s edge home inspections we provide the most detailed and affordable inspection report in the business. I not saying I’m cheap my inspections are reasonable and include more than most Spring TX home inspectors. Stick around and find out what to look for when hiring a home inspector in Spring TX.
This is not the time for inexperience

Tips on hiring a Spring home inspector

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    Experienced home inspectors have an experienced eye knowing just what to look for. I have inspected 1000's of homes since starting in the home inspection business in 2009. 

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    How long the general home inspector has been in business. This is very important although an inspector may have their license they will be developing their inspection process while leaning on the job. People make mistakes while there learning and a mistake can cost you thousands.
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    What types of services 

    Make sure your comparing the inspectors right.Some home inspectors offer additional services with there general home inspections. This may be a great value to you

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    If the house inspector includes extra services in the general home inspection consider that. They may offer services that will improve the home inspection at or close to the same price point of other home inspectors. My home inspections are special because they include zip level measurements of the foundation and thermal imaging for free with your purchase of a Spring home inspection
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    Who's performing  the inspection

    If you hire a company that employs multi inspectors than find out who will be preforming the home inspection for your home.The owner may have been performing inspections for many years, but will the owner be performing the inspection?

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    You will want to know how long the inspector have been inspecting homes. I inspect every home so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive a high level of expertise and knowledge at every Home inspection in Spring tx.
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    Spring Texas home inspection report

    What types of home inspection reports the inspector produces. I can't stress this enough always check out an inspection report. The report is a documentation of the type of work and effort a home inspector produces.

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    Never go with onsite deliverer of the report. The report can only be so good with drop down pre recorded commits. Each home is unique with different issues making custom comments a must. I focus more on the home at the inspection and later customize the report.
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    Make sure your inspector is licensed

    Make sure to check that your home inspector is a Texas Real Estate licensed professional home inspector. You can go to the TREC website and do a search either using the inspectors first and last name or by there license # and it will let you know if there licensed or there License is in active status.
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    Schedule inspection early

    Schedule your inspection early into the option period. They may be problems or hazards that come up at the inspection that need reviewed by a professional in that field like a roofing contractor, HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, foundation company etc.

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    Having the extra time to obtain estimates will help you properly negotiate.

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You may be required to have a termite inspection by your loan. Some lenders require a termite inspection. If so don't worrying I can have it scheduled for the same time as the inspection.See if the inspector has high tech tools that can enhance the inspection Technology allows a home inspector evaluate the home better. Things like thermal imaging, precision zip levels, Drones etc. Precisions zip level measures the homes foundation while thermal imaging may find moisture, hot spots in electrical system, inadequate or missing insulation. Drones can see areas on the roof that may have not been possible due to the Hight or steepness of the roof.The price is not the main concern hiring a qualified individual with experience should be your main concern.The home inspection in Spring Texas can be quite educational for the home buyer. So it's a good ideal for the home buyer to attend. Even though the report will be well documented some one on one time is recommend. If you can't make the whole inspection try to at least make it for the inspectors recommendations at the end of the Spring Texas home inspection where he or she will go though the biggest concerns and hazards of the property. Make sure not to make these mistakes.Things not to do when hiring or after hiring.Scheduling your inspection last minute and not having time to send out professionals to give you estimates. This can limit your negotiations not having estimates it makes it harder for both the seller and buyer to come up with fair prices for the any needed repairs.Don't hire the cheapest inspector most times you won't receive the expertise that goes along with years of service and education in the home inspection industry.Attend the inspection covered above.Thoroughly read the report noting the items that you are most concerned about.Don't stress on the small stuff like cosmetic issues. The best advice I can give you is negotiate all the major issues before trying to negotiate cosmetic items.Don't decline getting the home inspection. If a seller is offer to drop the price and taking the home inspection option off the table you should beware.Not having professionals the home inspector advised to evaluate certain areas. You may have had an issue and the inspector recommended it be looked at. The item needs replaced and it cost you thousands of dollars to replace. You missed an opportunity to negotiate this issue during the option period.Moving to Spring Texas interesting things to know.You my be moving to spring Texas for proximity to a employer like Exxon Mobile or Southwestern energy just to name a few. You may have targeted a certain neighbor hood or master planned community such as. Gleannlock farms located about 30 miles northwest of Houston. Gleannlock farms located in spring Tx. has no shortage of activities golf, swimming, sports facility's horse back riding.Auburn Lakes residents also have access to Augusta Pines private membership Golf Club, trails, lakes Located in the Woodlands Tx, The Windrose master planned community, Lakes of Cypress Forrest is a gated community offering water front luxury homes just to scratch the surface. Just remember spring has no zoning laws so it would be wise to check your neighborhoods dead restrictions. Spring Texas is located in Harris county and Montgomery country.Hiring Houston's Edge Home inspections you make you an informed home buyer.I work for you protecting your interest and go beyond the standards with the extra services providing you with the most information at a more than fair price for what's included. I challenge you to find a home inspector that provides the experience I have and extra services provided in addition to your standard home inspection. I make the whole process simple. At the end you will receive your report with photos ,commits all in a downloadable PDF. After you have received your report I'm there for you to go over any addition concerns you may have.( some situations I may have to call you back that evening to go over things) Leaning what problems exist with a well documented report will be your big weapon for negotiations.Weather your a new home buyer or you have bought many homes my services will help you better prepare for future issues and make you aware of issues that could be present at the home. The best thing is once I have inspected the home you will have a peace of mind in knowing what issues or critical inspection hazards my exist. Give me a call and schedule your Affordable spring home inspection today you will be glad you did.

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