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My general home inspection service and what's included click to learn more

My home inspection service includes an inspection and a report that will enlighten you of the homes condition. The home inspection is preformed by the Texas Real Estate Commission's standards of practice Inspecting Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC systems , and appliances. There are some additional details you should be aware of when you hire me as your home inspector. I go above the standards set by TREC and provide additional services. Here's what's included when you choose me as your home inspector. Thermal imaging is included as well as foundation zip level measurements. My advanced home inspections will benefit home buyers and sellers. Finding out the true condition of a home is important when evaluating. If the home has significant costly defects it may be a risky buy.

Newly built homes click to learn more

Most new construction home buyers believe that since the home is new that their is no reason to hire a home inspector. This is not true I have found many defects in new home construction some minor and yes some major. Some of these issues have included a/c and heating problems. Imagine it's moving day your moving your family into your new home on a Houston Texas summer day and the a/c is not cooling. This is not a good experience in Houston instead of spending your first night in your new home you might be spending it at a hotel. The other problems you may not notice until you sell the property and the buyers have a home inspection performed and defects are discovered that were present since the home has been built. Instead of getting the builder to have to fix the issues you have to come out of your pocket to either fix them or reduce the price of the home, because it's more than a year later and your warranty has expired. This is not the time to save a little money..schedule your new construction home inspection today.

Buyers home inspection learn more

This service is educating the home buyer about the previously owned home they are about to purchase.Want to learn about the home you have a contract on. Are there any major defects present? The best way to find out is to schedule Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC to inspect the Houston home your about to purchase.Protect yourself from defects that may be present that you may not have noticed. Do you know what type of plumbing supplies are present at the previous owned home plumbing is very expensive you will definitely want to know what type of plumbing is present.If they supplies need replaced or are close to the end of there life span this is something that your Houston home inspection service with Houston's edge home inspections can inform you about. Replacing all the plumbing supplies can easy cost you Ten thousand or more. This is just one small ,but very important part of your home imagine how many components there are in a home and expenses can add up quickly. I have saved a client over thirty thousand dollars before on just one issue the roof was at the end of it's life and the sellers replaced it to save the sell of the home. If there was no home inspection service performed or you hired an inexperienced inspector the buyer would be in for a very expensive lesson in home ownership. So just remember not only is a home a very expensive purchase it can also have very expensive items that may need replaced or repaired. You have to know where and how to look for defects or you may never know they exist. Make sure to schedule your home inspection with a quality licensed and certified home inspector today.

Sellers home inspection learn more

This is a home inspection for the seller of the home. This includes all the structural components and Mechanical components of the home. The client or seller will received a detailed report of defects of the structural components and mechanical components. This will aid the seller in items/defects that need attention helping the seller receive top dollar if items are repaired. The seller can provide a home inspection report to the potential buyer. This breaks down what the defects were at the time of the home inspection and if repairers where made the seller can show what has been repaired. This is great tool for the buyer and seller to see. The buyer goes into the deal knowing what kind of issues there were and are they major or minor. This makes it so much easier for the seller and the buyer making both parties more informed of the condition of the home.

One year warranty home inspections click to learn more

Have you seen some issues with your new home and are now questioning that there may be more issues that you don't know about, or you might just want to be on the safe side and have the home checked out before your one year warranty expires. Maybe you didn't have the home inspected in the first place. Have your home thoroughly inspected before your builders home warranty expires this will be your last chance to have the builder to take care of issues. Most builders only provide a one year warranty on structural components.It's amazing that one of the largest purchase you will ever make is backed by a one year warranty, but in most cases this is true. Why should you have faith in the builder when they don't have any faith in there product. If they did they would offer more than a one year warranty, about the same warranty as an electric tooth brush. Let Houston's Edge Home Inspection check everything out to make sure there are not any major defects present. I will document everything in a report and if any major defects are present you have a record and you can present the report to the builder for repairs. Don't let that builder off the hook costing you money out of your pocket. Schedule your 11th month warranty home inspection for peace of mind.

Maintenance home inspections click to learn more

Maintenance inspections are a yearly inspection that provide the home owner items that require maintenance or repairs.There are a lot of home owners that are unaware that there are regular items of a home that require regular maintenance performed. Annual maintenance home inspections help to identify small issues that can be repaired at a low cost, before they become a bigger issue and become much more expensive to repair. All items that require attention will be documented in a easy to read and detailed report with pictures. This is an unbiased report since we are not involved in the repairing of any items. I can give you advice on what needs to be repaired right away and what needs to be monitored. Annual maintenance keeps your home in good working order and a well maintained homes have less surprises saving you money in the long run.

Variety of services to meet your needs

Thermal imaging click to learn more

Thermal imaging, also called Infrared or Tomography, is a photography that captures an image based upon wavelength of light that have a lower frequency than normal visual light. Infrared home inspections detect differences in temperatures. An Infrared inspection combined with the traditional visual home inspection can reveal invisible problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Including hidden moisture problems or moisture intrusion, roof and plumbing leaks, missing insulation, faulty wiring, and energy loss, ventilation problems, and moisture related to termite infestations. We identify moisture problems and confirm them with other equipment such as a moisture meter. Using infrared technology gives Houston’s Edge home inspections a huge advantage over other inspection companies not utilizing the infrared technology. Infrared home inspections provide more information about the property you and your family are about to purchase, and in some cases exposing hazardous conditions that are invisible to the naked eye.

There may be potential hazards in the electrical systems that aren't visible without an infrared home inspection. Almost always electrical systems overheat prior to failing which could be a potential fire hazard if left undetected. Infrared home inspections are really the only way to safely get a reliable electrical home inspection. Also unseen moisture or moisture intrusion problems can cause mold, which can affect air quality of the home. Home inspections without infrared may not reveal these unseen dangers. Unknowing you and your family are not exposed to these hazards is a very valuable service provided in every home inspection we perform. Houston’s Edge Home Inspections provides infrared home inspections to provide you with more information about the property you are about to purchase.

Zip level foundation measurements click to learn more

Don’t call a foundation repair company just yet. Have you observed some signs of foundation movement and it has you concerned? Are you unsure what action you should take. The best action you could take is having someone evaluate your foundation. Who’s the best choice when it comes to foundation evaluations in Houston. Well the smartest choice you could make is someone who isn’t going to benefit by selling foundation repairs. There’s a reason why most Houston Texas foundation repair companies offer a free evaluation of your homes foundation. The reason it's free is because they want to make first contact with you. Remember there in the business to due foundation repairs and lets face it you just can't trust everyone to give you the right information. Don't get me wrong I know very reputable foundation companies in the Houston Texas area that are honest and trustworthy, but the sad fact is not all are. So an unbiased opinion with someone who has noting to gain is always the best approach. This will safe guard you against any unscrupulous company practices. This is the reason I offer an evaluation of your foundation at a very reasonable price. I’m a Home inspector in Houston and surrounding areas. I preform many foundation evaluations during a general home inspection service. That’s right I’m a licensed home inspector and offer a stand alone foundation inspection service. Pricing for most slab foundations are $150.00 and $225.00 for pier and beam. Why zip level measurementsThe obvious reason because Houston TX is known for expansive soil conditions. These types of soils can cause foundation movement due to soils expanding and contracting in the greater Houston area. So that's why it's a good idea to have zip level measurements of the foundation on the home you plan to buy. Why I provide The Zip Level service at no additional inspection cost?I like to provide my clients with the best inspection as possible . My Houston zip level measurements will provide you with detailed information about the foundation that most inspection companies don't offer or charge extra. Giving you the best picture of how your foundation is functioning at the time of the inspection. We live up to your expectations where many other inspection companies fall short.What type of inspections are the measurements included?I include this service in all general home inspections or as a stand alone service for an unbiased opinion. How about new homes? Yes it's included. You may be wondering why on a new home inspection. It's very rear that your new home will have foundation issues, but it still gives you valuable information. You can tuck your report away for the future. The measurements will give you future reference point. That way if you ever feel like you have any foundation movement. Have the foundation re measured and compare the measurements.Of coarse I will preform this service at an older home. This is when purchasing a home will be the most risky. The potential of movement increases on an older home and could need foundation repairs. So protect yourself and hire the right home inspector so you can have the piece of mind you deserve.What type of foundations are measured?All types of foundations are measured from slab foundations, Post tension foundations, Pier and beam foundations. The professional foundation inspection can expose issues on all types of foundations.How's the service executed ?I start the foundation inspection with a visible evaluation of the foundation noting any cracks in the foundation or step cracking in brick veneer , Drywall, poor drainage areas that drain towards the foundation, doors that stick at door jambs, windows that don't open, gaps/ separation at windows or doors. This is before I even remove the precision zip level from my tool box. After I have completed all the visual inspection aspects of the foundation and noting any foundation damage. I start measuring after I have set a zero reference point. This gives me what the difference is from the zero reference point to the other locations measured. If accessible I try to take measurements of all major rooms at all four corners of a room. The foundation measurements will only be taken on a ground floor level meaning if it's a two story home I don't measure upstairs areas.I will record all the foundation measurements into your report and give you my opinion if I believe the foundation is performing as intended. If i don't believe the foundation is performing properly will we recommend you seek a structural engineer or a foundation repair company to give you cost estimates of the expected expense for fixing the concrete foundation or pier and beam foundation.What is a Zip Level?A Zip level is a precision altimeter that you can use to take accurate measurements of the foundation and many other uses as well. I personnel use it for foundation measurements and sometimes if not obvious will use it to determine drainage patters around the exterior of the home. This measuring device is exactly what the majority of structural engineers would use and include in there engineer report when he/she inspections your home foundation. In my opinion the this is the best measuring tool to use on foundations it's one of my favorite tools I own. It delivers reliability and accuracy time after time. I can just say I used a digital water level in the past and the zip level is so much better and such a joy to work with I absolutely love it. It really helps to determine if there may be foundation problems along with the visual inspection on the foundation.Conclusion At the end of the day Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC provides an incredible service at no additional fee at the real estate home inspection. Giving extra value that other home inspection companies either do not provide or provide at an up charge to there client. That's why it's important to decide what type of Houston home inspector you would like to hire. Do you want a home inspector that just does enough to get by or one that provides a services that goes beyond your expectations. Once you see that your best option give me a call 281-770-2773 I’ll do a great job.

Termite inspection click to read more

I can schedule a licensed termite inspector to inspect the property for Termites Wood destroying organizes(WDO) . This can be scheduled for the same time or within the Home Inspection window. The termite inspection is performed by a third party company. Please ask me to schedule a termite inspection for you along with you House inspection. I highly recommend having a termite inspection preformed. Termites cost Americans billions of dollars every year.

Pool inspections click to learn more

I chose not to do pool inspection so I can focus more on the home. The main reason I take this approach is home's don't have pools all that often and as you know if your not doing something every day or on a regular basis you become rusty in that area. So I feel more comfortable leaving the pool to someone who deals with pools basically every day. This provides you with a solid inspection on your pool from an experienced professional. I recommend you have a pool inspection on any home where there is a pool present. There can be many high dollar items that can be defective so protect yourself knowing what the issues are. I can schedule a pool inspection company to come out and perform the pool inspection within the window of your home Inspection. Let me know if the home your buying has a pool. So i can schedule your pool inspection for you.

Mold inspections and testing preformed by a third party click to learn more

Houston Texas has had it's share of flooding over the last few years. Hurricane Harvey dumped at least 30 inches and up to 60.58 inches of rain on Houston according to Wikipedia and before that was the tax day floods. With the amount of homes flooded over the last few years I can understand the concerns of home buyers being frightened by the potential of buying previous flooded home that may have mold. If the home was properly remediated and there are no longer conducive conditions for mold growth than the home should be fine.
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