Roofing defects

Did you know that replacing roofing materials of the home is one of the most expensive home repairs you may have to make. That why before you buy it's important to have the home and the roofing materials fully inspected. Protect yourself and know if the roof will need repaired or replaced.

Moisture is the homes Enemy

Moisture intrusion can cause all kinds of issues with a home.

Roofing protects your home from moisture intrusion. If the roofing materials were improperly installed or at the end of their lifespan it’s very important for a potential home buyer to know before the inspection option period expires. After closing the buyer becomes responsible for all needed repairs to the home. A failing roof will cost a new home owner thousand to replace. Whenever a home inspector recommends a roofing contractor it’s a good ideal to schedule the roofer to come out and take a look at the roofing. Failure to do so could leave you in dark and not knowing how serious the issues are. The other benefit is having the estimates to repair or replace the materials. Having the estimates will help you properly negotiate with the seller so you don’t get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement cost.

What type of roofing issues may be found?Roofing Debris This is an overlooked maintenance issue that I find often. Debris left to collect on the roof will eventually cause the roofing materials to prematurely fail and leaking will began. Make sure to add this to your spring maintenance list so you don’t fail your roofing materials. Leaking around roof boots Elastomeric material around plumbing stacks failing. Here in Houston separation can be found around the plumbing vents . The seals around these plumbing vents do not last as long as the roofing materials in most cases and will acquire maintenance usually around 11-13 year old roofs in Houston Texas area. Once the seals wear out around the pipe water begins running down the pipe into the attic space. Causing damage to the decking around the plumbing vent and other areas of attic.Roof boots lifting Roof boots lifting is a good opportunity for wind driven rains to enter into the structure. Overtime the causing damage and conducive conditions for mold growth.Damaged ridge cap shingles and exposed nails.Damaged ridge cap shingles are often found at shingles that are older. Exposed nails at ridge cap is a common find. Any exposed nail penetrating through roofing materials have the potential to leak. Exposed nails at the ridge cap shingles are common and require regular maintenance . The nail heads should be sealed to prevent leaking. Significant uniform granular loss Uniform Significant granular loss at asphalt roofing materials is a sign the that roofing materials are near the end of there expected lifespan. When a home buyer see’s this condition on there home inspection report they should be prepared to get estimates for roofing material replacement cost. Because it will be just a matter of time before the roof starts developing roof leaks.SO your feeling very good about that home your purchasing because a lot of the items are brand new like the roofing materials. This is where you need to be careful just because it's new doesn't mean it was installed correctly.I can't even count how many poorly installed roof's I have came across at a home inspection performed in the Houston Texas area. I have seen roof's at brand new homes and older homes where shingles were missing in areas,missing flashing, missing roof jacks, etc, but here's the one defects that really gets me nails not driven in all the way or nails that where driven all the way through the roofing material.Penetrating nails on a newer roof This is an example of poor workmanship this roof appeared to be less than five years old and is covered with nails penetrating through the face of the shingle leaving many areas where water can enter into the structure. There were also many areas where the nails were driven through the singles making the roof vulnerable to shingles blowing off roof during high winds. This all was easily prevented if the roofer would have adjusted the compressor properly and driven any nails down flush. I guess the roofer was just to lazy and didn't care about workmanship completing the job as fast as possible leaving a problem and expense for the home owner. Once again make sure your Houston area home inspector is performing quality inspections and not low quality like this roofer. If the roof area is not walked by your home inspector than more than likely this will not be visible from the ground area have Houston's edge home inspections LLC save you money from low quality roofing companies. Always remember just because it's newer doesn't mean it will last along time. If items are not installed correctly it will significantly limit the life of the product.  Learn more about the services I provide click this link.

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Types of roofing defects

that could be present at the home your buying

Lifting shingles click here -->> to learn more
Lifting Flashing
Missing shingle tabs
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Roofing Types and life span that you may come across

in Houston Texas and surrounding areas

3- tab fiberglass  mat embedded in asphalt and coated ceramic-coated mineral granules click here to find out how long this shingle last in the Houston Texas area -->> Life span here 
Laminated fiberglass asphalt shingles, also called architectural or dimensional shingles. Architectural shingles are composed of a fiberglass mat embedded in asphalt and covered with multiple layers bonded together are usually more durable than single layer shingles.
Tile roofing materials

Ceramic Tiles,metal Tiles, concrete tiles, composite tile, stone tiles.

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What types of issues can


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