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Roof Maintenance

LOOK UP WHAT’S ON YOUR ROOF?Your roofing materials are a significant part of the roof system. Proper maintenance is essential to pro long the life of your roofing materials. With the price of roof replacement being so high you want to get the most out of your roofing. Here in Houston Texas we already have a problem due to the extreme heat roofing materials just don’t last as long as they are intended in most cases. So theirs’s strike one. Take a look what you should be aware of before it causes a problem. Below is a list what to be on the look out for.11 things that require maintenance so your roofing last longer.Making sure that the roof is free of debris is a good place to start. Here in Houston one of the most common issues I find as a home inspector is pine needles or leaves clumping together at valley areas , behind chimneys or at uncleaned gutter areas. This can cause leaks from water not draining properly. It can trap moisture and creates a good condition for mold growth or algae. Eventually causing premature failure. So cleaning debris from your roof is a great benefit. Just make sure your careful if your going to do it yourself some roofs are just not safe to walk. If the roof is too steep I recommend a professional taking the task over.Overhanging tree branches can do damaged if not maintained. Cutting tree branches back 3′ to 5′ can help insure that you don’t receive damage during a storm to your roof. Of coarse it can’t prevent it entirely, but can diffidently help from unnecessary damage.If your attic is not properly vented it will cause your shingles to deteriorate at a much faster rate. Adding additional soffit vents, ridge, and roof vents.Cleaning moss, algae., mold, mildew, from your roof. Use a non abrasive method. Meaning don’t get the old pressure washer out to clean your roof it will remove the granules from the shingles and lower the life span of your roof.Make sure all pipe penetrations are sealed tightly. Around 12 – 15 years the roof boots elastomeric rubber seals wear out from sun light and heat. These will require maintenance. If your not keeping up on your maintenance on your roof boots theirs a good chance they will leak over time.The roof flashing at head walls, chimneys, side walls, missing kick out flashing. If the roof flashing either wasn’t installed properly or is damaged the roof can leak. Most common is lifting flashing and sealant separation.Gutter debris can cause water to slow and not drain properly from your roof causing all kinds of issues.Shingle uplift can cause shingles to blow off easier during high winds or nails that are lifting under the shingle and will eventually puncture shingle and have the potential to leak.It’s not best to walk the roof in the high heat of the day normal foot traffic at these times can damage the roofing materials.Caulking nail heads at ridge ends and roof boots, combustible to limit any small leaks.Making sure all combustible roof vents are properly sealed. It is a common find by an home inspector to find combustible vents that allow water to penetrate the structure of the home.Your roof has a very important function.Your roof keeps water out of your homes structure protecting your roof structure. Roofing leaks can cause thousand of dollars and heath issues. Can you say mold? Water entering into your home can cause mold growth and I know you don’t want that.Mold is very expensive to remediate not to mention the health issues involved. Keeping up with your roof’s maintenance can prevent a roof leak eliminating the potential for mold growth.Have you ever though of all the things your roof protects besides structural components. well lets look at a few. Your insulation.Water heater if located in attic.Heating and cooling system. Drywall. Can lights that are located at attic areas if present in home.Electrical systems water and electricity are not good for the home owner.Rust forming on metal such as vents. Roof maintenance conclusion.As you can see your roof coverings require maintenance. With roofing so important to protect your structural to your health and being very expensive to replace. Maintaining your roof will limit the chance of water damage to your home.Maintaining the roof will limit the long list of issues on a home inspection report if your selling your home. This will defiantly make the real estate deal go smoother. Having a poorly maintained roof that either needs repairs or replacement could be a deal killer or cost you money in the transaction.Some things you will be able to preform yourself, but somethings require some knowledge and experience to spot. If you are hesitant to call out a roofing company call us out your trusted Houston home inspector to give a full evaluation of your roof. What you get from having a home inspector evaluating a roof. One of the first things unethical business trying to sell you a new roof when you have 5 or more years worth of life left. Leaks freak people out and many times you may just need a simple repair. It’s unfortunate but some people pray on people. The best thing is the home inspector has no interest in selling you a new roof. So the home inspector will give you an honest report and will alert you of what needs to be done.So remember roof preforming roof maintenance can save you money and increase you roofing materials life. Knowing what to look for is a Huge advantage with your roof maintenance in Houston Tx . I believe we have covered why you should be concerned about your roof. I hope this is helpful and better prepares in the future thank you so much for reading.

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