Should a home seller have a pre-listing inspection?

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What's a pre-listing inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is a home inspection on a home before the home is listed. The inspection is performed by a licensed professional home inspector. The pre-listing inspection helps home sellers identify potential problems that could affect the selling process in a negative way.

Are there benefits of having a pre-listing inspection?

Knowing the current condition of your home can help a seller with a smooth sales process. The pre-listing inspection may expose major defects that the seller was not aware of that could scare off prospective buyers. Finding out ahead of time gives the seller time to get repair estimates and schedule repairs before the home hits the real estate market.

 Pre-listing home inspection cons

Find out if your home has major issues or just maintenance issues.
Gives the homeowner control over repairs.
The seller has time to get repair cost estimates and make potential repairs.
Eliminating potential issues can fetch a better sales price.
Accurate price the home knowing if the home is in excellent condition or needs major repairs.
Not being surprised by big ticket items that could scare off potential buyers.

How pre-inspections put sellers in control and help avoid conflict with potential buyers.

Pre - inspections help homeowners determine how the major systems are performing. The pre-inspection report will provide the seller with all the defects found at the time of the real estate inspection. The seller can determine what items they would like to have fixed before the home goes on the market which can make for a much cleaner home inspection report. The seller may choose not to do any improvements, but list the home at a sale price and list all the defects in a disclosure statement. Whatever the seller decides to do the seller inspection report can eliminate time at the negotiation table and help eliminate nasty surprises.

Besides having an inspection checklist here's what a home buyer should expect on inspection day.  Depending on the square footage and age of the home expect the home inspector to be at the property between 2-4 hours. A very small condo takes a little over 2 hours and a stand-alone home can take much longer.
The major components of the home will go through a visual inspection and operating systems like an air conditioner if temperature permits.
Homebuyers should expect defects to be found during the home inspection no home is perfect defects are even found during a new construction inspection.
Prospective homebuyers that are purchasing older homes should expect additional issues that could add up to thousands of dollars in future repairs or the buyer can request repairs from sellers.
Sometimes the physical condition is so poor the homebuyer may want to cancel the real estate contract.

What a basic inspection does not cover

Mold inspection is not performed
A home inspector is not a pest inspector
Septic tank
Radon Testing
Underground sewer lines.
Lead paint testing is not included.
Asbestos testing services are not included.
If you want the above items inspected you will need additional inspectors.
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