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Schedule your pre sale  inspection with Houston's Edge Home inspections  helping sellers  have a smooth real estate transaction.
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Have your home inspected before the buyers inspection .
Home inspectors play a crucial role in selling a home. They can uncover problems that may be present that a buyer's inspector only discovers during the inspection option period.

When it's too late to fix them. A pre-listing inspection gives sellers the opportunity to get their homes in tip-top shape for sale by finding and fixing all underlying issues before they become costly problems for the next owners.

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Top reasons a pre-listing inspection is an important
Protects the home seller and agent from investing serious money into the sale only to find problems that may cause a sale to fall out.
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Pre-Listing Inspections are the perfect solution for sellers who want to move quickly. Whether you're selling your home fast or just trying to get the right price, our home inspection service will help you look like the perfect home seller.
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Armed with the inspection report this information, sellers can make critical repairs and upgrades before listing their property.
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A Professional home inspection can help a seller get the asking price after necessary repairs have been made.

Don't lose a potential buyer because you didn't know the home's condition and the buyer's inspection found potential problems have a pre listing home inspection done.
Pre-listing sellers inspection

Help your real estate agent get top dollar for your listing and hire a home inspector

Houston's Edge Inspections provides a complete report on the property you are interested in selling. The home inspection report is carefully researched, with pictures included to help explain the findings. You will receive a full written report with pictures and illustrations of what major issues need to be addressed before listing. This will help the seller receive top dollar without those unexpected issues that cause a sale to fail.
The selling process can be a lot easier with the purchase of a seller's inspection. The home inspection report will help the home seller make educated decisions on what repairs need to be done.

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