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Never underestimate the negotiating power of a home inspection report to reduce the cost of the home or have expensive defective items replaced or repaired.

Montgomery Texas Home inspections Experienced Home inspector.

Providing home inspections since 2009 Is the home your buying hiding costly issues?Foundation zip level measurements included.Make sure your inspector has a top of the line moisture meter to confirm moisture intrusion.The best way to find roofing defects is from the roof that’s always the best way to evaluate the roof if it’s safe to walk the roof.Buying a home in Montgomery Texas or surrounding areas than Houston’s Edge home inspections can provide outstanding service and a very thorough detailed home inspection report of the property. Make no mistake the report is your best negotiating tool for any home buying transaction. Make sure to view a report from any potential home inspectors you plan to hire. The home buying process can be tedious and stressful and it doesn't stop once your offer has been accepted. With the inspection option period lurking right around the corner home buyers may be tempted into hiring a home inspection company without much consideration. The knowledge and experience of the home inspector should be taken into consideration. Home inspection services are not equal finding out more about the quality of the home inspection service is essential to make the right choice.I inspect the home from top to bottom using high tech tools to gain an advantage for my clients. All inspection companies do not provide the same services. My home inspections include thermal imaging scans of the home which can help expose unseen defects such as missing insulation, hot spots in the electrical systems, potential moisture intrusion. I also take measurements of the foundation with a precision zip level giving you more details about the foundation. These additional services are provided at no additional cost giving my clients great value for their hard earned dollars. So when comparing prices it’s important to know what’s included. Like to lean more about pricing or how to go about hiring the right home inspector for your new home purchase in Montgomery Texas follow this link.

Why I’m your best Montgomery Home inspection choice ?

Experience is king  -->                                         

Nothing beats experience. Make sure your not paying someone to learn how to inspect a home on your dollar. Get yourself an experienced home inspector to expose as many potential issues the home may have.


Always there for you. I'll be there to answer any questions or concerns you have about the home.

Reports customized to each home

All homes are unique. That's why I take the time to create hand crafted comments to fit the home because not all prewriten comments will describe the issue accurately. Taking the extra time describing the issues makes all the difference. This saves you time and eliminates the back and forth on the phone with the inspector. This is why i deliver the report the next day usually next morning. You will appreciate added details included in my home inspection reports.

Thermal Imaging included

Thermal imaging can exposed invisible items that can't be seen with the eye. What kinds of defects can be discovered with thermal imaging. Missing insulation, Moisture intrusion, Electrical hot spots.

Foundation measurements included

Making sure your foundation is preforming properly is a high priority. That's why I take foundation measurements using a precision zip level. I'm always going the extra step giving my clients my best each and every home.

What’s inspected by your Montgomery Area home inspector?

Structure   Components Click boxes to read more                              

These are all the items that make up the structure of your home. Foundation,walls,ceilings,attic, framing,windows, doors, roofing materials and more.


The service panel and branch circuits. I start out inspected the service panel. Identify the service and branch circuit wiring type. Wiring types for service feeders will be either Aluminum multi stranded or copper. For the branch circuits it will be either Aluminum or copper as well. The difference is if the branch circuits have single stranded aluminum wiring than a certified electrician is recommended because of the fire hazard potential associated with aluminum wiring also important to not insurance is higher and difficult to find.

The inspector will identify what type of service meaning is the service over head or under ground.

The inspector identifies what type of service panel is present.

Note sometimes on older homes I come across some service panels that are know for shock or fire hazards below are the type of service panels to look out for I always recommend these types of panels to be replaced.


Supplies and drains


Air conditioning (A/C) , Heating unit, and Ducts


Dishwashers, Cook tops, Ovens, Garbage disposals, Microwave, Exhaust fans, Dryer Vents,Garage doors and openers,

How much is a home inspection in Montgomery cost?

How much does a home inspection cost in Montgomery tx.

The cost of a home inspection varies depending on Square Footage and year built. My home inspections are priced fairly taken into consideration the age and square footage of the home. I provide inspection prices on my website for your convenience. Most Montgomery home inspector you have to call or email to receive a quote. I make it easy for any potential client to get a price quote. Go down to last category in this section and open and click button for your Montgomery home inspection quote.

New Construction Home inspection cost

I price accordingly and new homes pricing is cheaper than other home inspections. Click button to view home inspection price list.

Home inspection cost on homes less than 20 years old.

Homes that are less than 20 years are a a little more than new construction home.

Home inspection cost of homes older than 20 years get a 

Check out our the pricing for homes older than 20 years old

Click here to view the cost of a Montgomery home inspection services

Click button to view a price chart for your hassle free quote.

What services are provided with a standard home inspection and what extra options are available.

General Home inspection Service

The standard home inspection includes a structural and mechanical inspection of the home. In addition to the Texas Real Estate Commissions standards. I include thermal imaging scan and foundation measurements free of charge

Termite Inspections

Termite inspection is optional and additional cost apply. Learn more about the termite inspections and cost and why you may want to add this service.

Pool Inspections

Pool inspection services are optional and additional charges apply. It is recommended if your buying a home with a pool you have the pool inspection added to the inspection of your home.Learn

Septic Inspections

Septic Inspection is an add on service and comes with an additional fee. A septic system plays an important function it the home is equip with one.

Mold Inspections

Mold inspection is also an additional inspection option. If you suspect mold than a mold inspection is highly recommended. Ask to add on this service performed by a third party licensed mold inspector.

Stucco inspections

Stucco inspections are an additional Fee. A stucco home needs to be inspected by an expert. Performed by a third party stucco expert.

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Best home inspector Montgomery.

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Your Home inspector

John Fish License #10393

Welcome I'm John Fish and I will be the person preforming your home inspection. I'm the only home inspector of the business by choice. The reason is simply. This is the only way one can be self-assured that the service is the highest quality at every home inspection. You as a client are assured that your receiving services from an experienced home inspector. A multi home inspection company employing many home inspectors just can't promise what I can. I have built a good name in the industry and I protect it with my hard work every day.

I will provide you with exceptional service that's my promise to you. No gimmicks I don't add fluff to the service that is worthless adding to the price of your residential home inspection service. I let the service and report speak for themselves.

I will deliver a customized high quality home inspection report that will make it clear what risk may be present. Lean what items to negotiate while in your option period click here.

I will always answer your questions or concerns. It's important to be there for your clients. Many times a client will want my unbiased opinion and I'm happy to give one.

Exceptional service and impeccable home inspection reports takes commitment and time. I am fully committed in providing services that will exceed your expectations and investing the time it takes to provide a comprehensive report.

Informative Details are what make your home inspection report special.

I spend most of my time creating the report. Many times the report takes longer to produce than it takes to do the inspection. If your considering hiring an inspector who produces a report onsite. I urge you to ask yourself how good will the report be that was produced in about a three or four hour window during the inspection. A report delivered onsite will not be customized to the home making it just a generic report. I feel that it is my duty to make things as clear as possible. Many times the report takes me three hours or longer to produce. I produce quality customized reports and that’s not going to happen using only drop down comments. I offer a unique report because all homes are not the same. Are specialized custom reports what your looking for at an affordable fair price than you have found your inspector view a report and give me a call 281-770-2773.

Report #2

After the home inspection my work has just begun

Now the real work begins documenting all the details in a easy to read report. My reports are composed with pictures of defects and a detailed comment below the image so it's clear what the issue is. I make my reports easy to read even if you don't know anything about a home besides living in one. The report will be delivered with in 24 hours most of the time it's delivered the next morning. I send the report to your email unless you make payment online and than I send you a link where you can pay and download your report. The Report is sent in a PDF format so downloading and viewing is a breeze. Important once you have the report please read carefully you may be surprised at the amount of issues found by your Home inspector. Once you have read everything you are always welcome to give me a call and ask my advise. I build relationships with people so there's no question to small.

Why I don't deliver the report onsite?

My goal is to deliver a impressive clearly detailed report to the client. If I could inspect the home and gather all the information and produce a highly detailed report in the home inspection window I would, but the truth is I can't achieve that type of quality in just three hours. There are a lot of components to a home. Writing a report in such a small time frame would cause a loss in quality. That's just something I'm not willing to compromise on and nether should you. Buying a home is an investment in your future. Armed with the right ammunition can save you from a huge mistake or properly prepare you for negotiations. That's the reason why I spend my time at the home looking for the defects and not writing the report onsite. So make sure to hire an inspector who's going to take the time to investigate the home properly and spend the time off site on the report.

Advanced Tools used by your home inspector Montgomery Texas.

Tools are definitely a game changer. Certain tools can make a big difference and provide an advantage to any home inspector. I take full advantages and incorporate these tools into my home inspections providing the ultimate home inspection in Montgomery tx. Here's a few of the tools I use to optimize my home inspection service.

Infrared thermal imaging Montgomery Texas.

I took full advantage of thermal imaging. Find out how I use it. What can be found using infrared?

Delmhorst Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is a must as a home inspector. That's why i carry one of the best moisture meters in the business.

Zip Level Measurements

This is a very accurate tool used to measure the levelness of a homes foundation. It's the perfect tool to gather extra info.

Computer reporting software

A good home inspector software is needed to produce great looking reports. That's why I use home inspector pro.

Foundation failure

I provide our clients with the most detailed information about the foundation of the home after evaluating the home's foundation visually. I assess how the homes foundation related components are performing to determine if we may have any foundation issues. Then as a bonus, I take foundation measurements to find the foundation levelness. All measurements are taken with a professional zip level.

You may think that only old homes experience foundation problems, but it’s not true. I have found homes less than ten years old with foundation issues that

needed repairs. According to HomeAdvisor, the average foundation repair cost can be found here. Before considering who to hire. It's always good to compare what services are included with the home inspection.

Electrical Issues

The electrical systems of your home are where the most hazards can be found, especially if you're buying an older property. From improperly wired receptacle, missing GFCI’s, AFCI’s, exposed wires, missing junction boxes, over heated wires, overheated breakers, overheated, receptacles, aluminum wiring, Hazardous service panels, abandon wires inside panels, Loose breakers, Loose service panels, overhead wires too low, System not grounded or bonded, and many more risks, can be present. With so many dangerous potential electrical hazards you can see why it’s so important to have an experienced home inspector. Be sure to hire an qualified home inspector for your Houston home inspection needs. 

Leaking Plumbing supplies

Leaks at the plumbing supplies can cause a lot of problems. Not only do leaking plumbing supplies damage a homes building materials they will also provide suitable conditions where mold can grow inside the home. Active growing mold has no place in your home and poses health issues. Believe it or not, leaks in your home can also cause foundation issues. Repiping, a home will be a significant expense, and if the house has old galvanized pipes, that’s just what will have to be done soon. All these types of issues can be discovered during your home inspection. I use infrared to locate possible moisture issues related to plumbing or roof leaks and confirm with one of the best moisture meters you can buy. 

Roof replacement is a costly item

Sometimes it is discovered that the roofing materials are at the end of there life span. With the cost of roofing materials and cost to install, this would be vital information if you had a contract to buy a home. This was discovered at a home inspection I performed in the Houston area, and that’s what I told the home buyer. The home buyer was unaware of this and thanked me so much. It ended up being negotiated, and the roof was replaced. The client let me know this saved them about $12,000.00. I love hearing when my clients can get expensive items fixed that would have cost them lots of money. 

What you receive when you hire me as your local Montgomery home inspector ?

Reports delivered within 24 hours usually next morning?

Personalized service from the owner. I perform every home inspection Montgomery Texas

Trusted, accurate home inspections from an experienced home inspector Montgomery.

Great payment options. You can pay online or pay in person. I accept cash, checks, credit and debit.

Customized reports generated just for the home.

Patience to explain all the important details. Informing you of any potential buying risk is at the top of my Montgomery home inspection list.

Using technology to uncover issues that would have not been detected with the naked eye.

Customer satisfaction is important. I'm highly rated on Google, Facebook and thumbtack.

Flexible scheduling serving Montgomery and surrounding areas for your convenience