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Quality home inspections to protect new homeowners.

Are you buying a home in the Montgomery, Tx area? Making an investment in Real estate can be exciting and stressful at the same time for a buyer. A Real estate purchase could be the largest investment of your lifetime, but you don't need to stress about your real estate investment. A home inspection from Houston's Edge home inspections will give you the confidence to proceed with your next real estate decision or investment project.

Don't buy a home with expensive surprises

As a home buyer it's important to obtain as much information about the home as possible. Home inspections give a home buyer peace of mind by an evaluation of the condition of a home.
Inspections can exposed defects that can be expensive to repair or replace.

Experienced Montgomery home inspector.

Providing home inspections since 2009 Is the home your buying hiding costly issues? The best way to protect yourself from unknown issues is to hire an experienced home inspector.

 Why experience?  After inspecting home's and performing thousands of home inspections over my 10 plus years. I have become better and better as each year passes.
I know what to look and where to look for home hazards, moisture intrusion and many other deficiencies. The truth is when I first started out I was not near as good as I am Now.

So don't make the mistake during one of life's most expensive purchases and hire an inexperienced Montgomery home inspector.
Home inspection features Katy TX

Inspection Services offered

Buyers home  inspections offered

A Montgomery buyer  needs to protect their-selves hire home inspectors with years of experience, whether it's a new construction home or a home that's over 40 years old. Get someone on your side to perform an unbiased home inspection. I provide inspections all over Houston including newly constructed homes off W grand pkwy in the Katy area

Seller  home inspections offered

Montgomery sellers can obtain home inspection services so they can find out issues before listing the house on the market. The advantage of a pre-listing inspection is to ketch items that could kill the deal and have them fixed before listing the property.

One year warranty home inspections

Ensure no issues are hiding that the builder missed. Inspections can exposed defects even on new construction homes.  Schedule a one year warranty inspection and have all the building components inspected. I have never found a home make sure the builder absorbs the cost of any damage or defective building components. 

New construction home inspections

Remember home builders are only as good as the general contractor or construction supervisor they have working for them. Also, new home supervisors can become overloaded with homes to look after. Don't let your home's construction suffer because the builder has either hired inexperienced supervisors or overloads the general contractor. Please don't take the builder's word for it. Have an inspection done? You'll sleep better knowing that the mistakes were caught at the home inspection. I have never seen a perfect home and that includes new construction. My inspections are so thorough I don't even give newly constructed homes a break have my company review that newly constructed house in Montgomery TX. Would you like to find out at an inspection if there were defects or when you go to sell it.

Making it easy for Customers to receive a great Montgomery TX home inspection

Home inspection services  7 days a week

I'm there for my customers 7 days a week. Business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
I work for the home buyer and schedule appointments at the buyers convenience.

Ready to Schedule a home inspection appointment?
Serving an area near you

I perform property inspections all over Houston TX and that includes Montgomery TX area. Weather the home is located in Cinco Ranch or off W Grand pwky if located in Houston TX and surrounding cities it's a guarantee that I'll serve your area. I serve your Montgomery TX area and surrounding areas like Magnolia, Willis, Conroe

Easy inspection payment  solutions
Cash, Credit, Checks, or Zelle. Great services , payment solutions, and star service.
I'm here to provide excellence and ease one inspection at a time.
Professional thorough exceptional inspection services that your best friend would recommend. Phone us for service our phone number is 281-770-2773

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Give me a call 281-770-2773 or fill out a online request form.

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I'll Take it from here and call listing agent and confirm our desired appointment time.

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See you on inspection day. it's just that easy.

I help home buyers make an informed buying decision
A home purchase can cause unneeded stress in any home buyers life. Having the homes systems properly inspected can reduce the risk of a poor investment.
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Let's talk about home inspection reports.

I take a lot of pride in my inspection report

One of the most important parts of the home inspection is the report. My clients tell me time after time how detailed my inspection reports are. That really makes me happy and proud to hear from people. Customer satisfaction is a big deal to me which I strive to achieve during every property inspection. If your looking for a home inspection  in Montgomery, Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, or even Spring TX that provide a report full of information your in the right place.

A lot of colored photos highlighting problems

I believe photos play a big roll. Photos make it easy in understanding the detailed report. That's why I take lots of photos of all findings at my home inspections. My home inspection report is highly recommended. A well written comment on an item will answer your questions. Make sure all your questions are answered and hire someone with the experience to write a great report.

Reports delivered in 24 hours

I don't sacrifice quality over convenience that's why I deliver within 24 hours of the time of completing a home inspection. yes you have to wait a little bit longer, but it's worth it to have a customized report that's superior to a home inspection report delivered on site.  Most of the time I will have the report completed before 24 hours of the inspection. I try to have the work completed by next morning and will email a PDF file to your email address.

What's inspected by home inspectors in Montgomery TX.

Property inspectors in Montgomery, TX, inspect a lot of areas from the mechanical to the home's structural areas. If you would like the all-inclusive detailed list of everything inspected from the roof to the ground. Then check out this thoroughly detailed list of what a professional home inspection covers during his or her inspection services you may be surprised.

Photo of attic space Katy house inspector


The foundation will be evaluated visually and also by opening and closing doors and windows. The inspector is looking for cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows or doors, Leaning walls, Bowed walls, cracks in drywall at walls, and ceilings, Cracks in tiles at floors and walls,Sloping floors, Separation at rafters and ridge boards. These are can be signs of foundation movement. I also take foundation measurements with a Zip Level to aid in better evaluating the foundation.
Observing the grading and drainage of the property is critical in areas of expansive clay, such as Houston | Approximately 80% of foundation problems are caused by poor drainage, the property should slope away from the foundation about 6" within 10' or have swales cut so that water drains away from the structure
Roof Coverings
Roof inspection Inspecting the condition of roofing materials with a background in roofing installation I have an advantage over most home inspectors.
Roof Structure & Attic
The attic space and roof structure will be inspected fro cracks in rafters, missing collar ties, missing bracing like purlin supports, ridge board damage or separation of rafters from ridge boards.

Inspections of walls looking for water damage at interior and exterior moisture intrusion can cause significant damage and ideal situation where mold can grow. An inspection can expose these issues along with many more problems.

Ceilings and Floors

Moisture intrusion is always a concern inspections of ceilings and floors can expose these. Looking for active moisture water stains, Cracks in drywall, damaged flooring and much more. I look out for our customers and try to give them the knowledge to be an informed homeowner.

Interior and Exterior Doors

Moisture damage at door jambs can be caused by lack of maintenance it's important to caulk door jams so water cannot penetrate into the structure.


Window inspections Katy TX are inspected for any signs of water penetrations. Windows can leak due to gaps or missing glazing. Thermal seals can fail on double pane windows.

Fire Places and Chimneys

Inspections of Fireplace and chimney in Katy TX are on the look out for fire hazards and carbon monoxide hazards.


Inspections at porches, decks , balconies are looking for safety hazards and defective items.

Home in Katy Texas photo

Mechanical , Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

Electrical Service Entrance and service panel
Identifying  and inspecting the service type, overhead or under ground, service wiring type, proper wire clearance, loose breakers and many more items are looked at during inspections.
Electrical Branch Circuits
The presence of G.F.C.I. (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) Breakers where necessary
HVAC inspection the A/C system, Heating  will be inspected. Heating systems will be tested. A/C system will be tested as long as ambient temperature is at or above 65 degrees F.
Plumbing supply system

Inspection of plumbing supplies. Running water at all supply areas and leaking for leaks or evidence of leaks.

Drains, Waste, vents
The plumbing inspection. Running water at supplies and filling sink drains and tubs. Flushing toilets and viewing any visible plumbing at time of inspection services.
Water Heating Equitment

The water heater inspection looking for physical damage , rust, and leaks irregular or improper installations.

Hydro- message- therapy- equiptment

The inspection of hydro message therapy equiptment

The appliance inspection items are Dishwasher, Garbage disposer, rang or cooktops and ovens, Rang hood exhaust, Microwave, bath fan, dryer vent, Garage door and openers
Sprinkler system

I inspect sprinkler systems as long as valves are on. My sprinkler inspection is included with your Katy home inspection.

What kind of tools
Advanced home inspection technology In addition to extensive experience

I offer inspections using the latest technology. Technology makes a big difference, but can replace experience. Technology combined with experience provides better results and less surprises.People deserve the best, so book with companies the utilizes Technology in there inspections.
I carry some specialized tools that help me provide a superior Montgomery home inspection service like thermal imaging camera for scanning the property.  Thermal imaging technology can help find missing insulation, hidden moisture and electrical hot spots. I highly recommend an inspectors utilizing this Thermal imaging.
I also carry a high tech moisture meter. This helps me verify if a leak is still active. Thermal imaging scans can help locate the moisture and a moisture meter helps confirm.
Average home inspection cost puzzle, money, business

How much does a home inspection cost?

Most real estate inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable property inspections cost click the button below.

Visit for pricing

Why have a Montgomery home inspected?

Home inspections protect home buyers from home hazards or costly issues they may be unaware of at the property. Issues can be just neglected maintenance to very expensive roof repairs like roofing materials needing to be replaced or even worst hazardous conditions. You never know if a property is hiding hazardous conditions until you have it inspected by a professional. A home inspector can expose dangerous and unsafe conditions at the home. Like electrical issues whether it's a shock hazard or a fire hazard, a home inspection can expose these secrets. Home inspections can expose all these and more problems.

Also, home inspections are a great tool to negotiate before you close on the home. I would always recommend having a professional thorough home inspection in Montgomery TX area by a top company. Having a property inspected can save a buyer thousands in the greater Houston area. A home inspection can give you much-needed information about the home not only about defects but also about the age of important equipment like Heating, air conditioning systems, water heaters, and let you know the life expectancy of these types of items. Knowing that certain expensive items are at or near the end of their expected life is priceless let's inspect so you know what to expect in the future.

A home purchase can be complicated for any home buyer, but your home inspection report doesn't have to be. Home inspections can give you confidence and peace of mind to proceed.

Home inspection Houston
Your Home inspector
John Fish License #10393
Hello don't mind me I'm just working hard preforming a through home inspection service.
A High Quality Home inspection
Best home inspector Montgomery tx
Welcome I'm John Fish and I will be the person preforming your home inspection. I'm the only home inspector of the business by choice. The reason is simply. This is the only way one can be self-assured that the service is the highest quality at every home inspection. You as a client are assured that your receiving services from an experienced home inspector. A multi home inspection company employing many home inspectors just can't promise what I can. I have built a good name in the industry and I protect it with my hard work every day.

I will provide you with exceptional service that's my promise to you. No gimmicks I don't add fluff to the service that is worthless adding to the price of your residential home inspection service. I let the service and report speak for themselves.

I will deliver a customized high quality home inspection report that will make it clear what risk may be present. Lean what items to negotiate while in your option period click here.

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Montgomery, Magnolia, The woodlands, Tomball, Lake Conroe, Willis, Spring, and the greater Houston TX.

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