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My Magnolia home inspections are so informative and detailed you will think you paid top dollar for my services. I may not be the cheapest Magnolia home inspector, but I provide the most value. With thermal imaging and foundation zip level measurements all included not to mention my experience I can't be beat. So lets make sure your buying the home you think you are in Magnolia tx After all this may be the most expensive purchase of your life.

My home inspections and reports are top quality you would think you would pay top dollar for my services, but my Magnolia home inspection are very affordable. So lets make sure your buying the home you think you are. After all this may be the most expensive purchase of your life.

I know at first glance the home may seam perfect. After years of experience there are not any perfect homes and that means even newly constructed homes. It all boils down to does the home have significant defects that will cost a pretty penny or have safety issues. That's why it needs to be thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector like me.

10 Reason's to hire me as your Magnolia home inspector

#1 Reason to hire me as your Magnolia home inspector drum roll please
Over 10 years of experience as a licensed home inspector.
After inspecting 1,000"s of homes you become very good at your job. Knowing exactly what to look out for to find hidden defects. Noting trumps experience. You can't go wrong with an experienced and highly qualified home inspector.
#2 Reason to hire me to do your Magnolia home inspection
Exceptionally detailed home inspection reports
I take a lot of pride in presenting a quality customized report that exceeds your expectations. My home inspection reports can't be matched with a company that spits out a report at the end of the inspection.
#3 Reason to hire me as your home inspection service provider
5-star Google reviews
I have a great online reputation and I earn it with each Magnolia home inspection I perform.
#4 Reason to hire me to preform a home inspection
My use of high tech equipment
Even though the requirements do not require specialized equipment I take advantage of technology. High tech moisture meters, zip level, thermal imaging.
#5 Reason to hire me as your Magnolia professional home inspector.
Endless hours of continuing education.
I have continuously gone over the 32 hours of continuing education
#6 Reason to have me provide aMagnolia professional home inspection service
Valuable home inspection service at an affordable price. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view residential home inspection cost
# 7 Reason to have me preform a professional home inspection
Professional licensed by the state of Texas by the  Texas Real Estate Commission (Trec)
#8 Reason you should hire me to perform a complete house inspection for you
Integrity and ethics I perform for you the home buyer or seller to give you honest information about the condition of the home. If it's bad or good information it's always about the home.
#9 Reason to hire me as your Magnolia independent home inspector
Reliable I have never missed an appointment in the whole home inspection career that's 10 years of reliable home inspection service.
#10 Reason to have me do a Magnolia residential home inspection
The last ,but not least reason trustworthy yes I'm a trustworthy home inspector. I will never hold information back from a client. You receive the complete truth doesn't matter how big or small the issue is it's in the report.

How my Professional Magnolia home inspection service can help?

Welcome I'm so glad you found my Magnolia home inspection website you must be in need of a home inspection Magnolia Tx. First off I would like to congratulate you and your family in this very important purchase.Before you close the deal let's make sure the home is all you think it is.That's exactly what I will find out if you hire me as your home inspector. My goal is to provide you with a clear Magnolia home inspection report about the homes condition because the home should not have any secrets and after my thorough home investigation it won't. 

Home inspection service
Helping our Magnolia home inspection clients get the facts
We help home buyers and home sellers get the facts about the condition of the home.
Spelling out exactly what the biggest deficiencies in the home are.
Our home inspection reports give you the power to properly negotiate if there are unexpected issues with the home..
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Home inspection features

Types Magnolia of home inspections I do

Photo of a home for a buyer home inspection
Buyers home inspections                           
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Phot of a sellers home inspection
Seller Home inspection
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Photo of a new home
One year warranty home inspections
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Picture of a older home
Pre 1980s Home inspections hire well
Older homes like these are more challenging and Typically have more defects. As a home buyer you should hire wisely if not a older home if not inspected by an experienced home inspector could cost you down the road. 
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Home inspection finds from real home inspections in Magnolia Tx

A?c not responding to Thermostat
 What type of thermostat issues could be found at a home inspection?
Whats the thermostat issue. Some time during a Magnolia home inspection the air conditioner or heating unit doesn't respond to the thermostat. During some of my Magnolia home inspections I have seen A/C not turning on off not turning off or vice versa with the heating unit. When this is discovered a HVAC technician needs to evaluate the system.
Roofing defects observed at a Magnolia home inspection service
Roofing defects observed during by a Magnolia home inspector
These roofing defects were observed  at a Magnolia home inspection. The photo above shows some lifting shingles roof debris, and the roof is older and the home buyer needs to know that some repairs need done and expect to have to replace this roof in the near future.
Lint clogging dryer vents
Dryer Vents clogged , crushed, and missing cover
Dryer vents are easy fixes and are often way too common. That's because most home owners don't know they need to maintain these. Even though a dryer vent clog's are easily prevented they are one of the most common finds that will come up on your home inspection report. I guess out of sight out of mind. If home owners know that dryer vent could cause a fire i'm sure they would be better maintained. The photo above is clogged with lint missing cover and the vent is crushed leading to other issues.
Plumbing leaks observed at the laundry room bibs
Leaking hose bibs at laundry stands usually not noticed by seller
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Dryer vent
Dryer vents that vent into the attic can provide a favorable condition for mold
Dryer vents venting into the attic space can cause high levels of moisture at attic area. The high levels makes good conditions for mold to grow. Most home owners neglect dryer vent cleaning and they become clogged with lint. Many times the dryer vent will have so much pressure it will come apart and than the humid air from the dryer will vent into the attic.
Plumbing drains issues
Plumbing drains not supported and improper slope
This home is a pier and beam home and this is what I found under the home during the house inspection. Plumbing supplies not supported or secured. They were also not sloped properly for water to drain correctly. This could cause plumbing backups or drain lines that break apart. Diffidently call for a plumber if you buying this home.
Photo of a home inspector performing zip level measurements in Magnolia Texas
That's me working hard taking foundation zip level measurements. Yes this is included for free with you Magnolia home inspection services.
A High Quality Home inspection
Best Magnolia  home inspection services
Welcome I'm John Fish and I will be the person preforming your home inspection. I'm the only home inspector of the business by choice. The reason is simply. This is the only way one can be self-assured that the service is the highest quality at every home inspection. You as a client are assured that your receiving services from an experienced home inspector. A multi home inspection company employing many home inspectors just can't promise what I can. I have built a good name in the industry and I protect it with my hard work every day.

I will provide you with exceptional service that's my promise to you. No gimmicks I don't add fluff to the service that is worthless adding to the price of your residential home inspection service. I let the service and report speak for themselves.

I will deliver a customized high quality home inspection report that will make it clear what risk may be present. Lean what items to negotiate while in your option period click here.

Average home inspection cost puzzle, money, business

Affordable Magnolia home inspection cost.

One of the most affordable experienced home inspectors in Magnolia Tx. With over 10 years experience you will be hard pressed to find such an experienced Magnolia home inspection service at such a great price. The good news doesn't end there see I offer free services with your purchase of a general home inspection.
Magnolia upfront home inspection pricing

Below are some areas that are evaluated ?

Lets summarize what areas of the home are inspected during your magnolia home inspection. This is not all areas that is inspected during a home inspection.

Structural Systems

From poor drainage  to expansive soil conditions they can all cause foundation issues or failure. Make sure the home your buying doesn't have significant movement that can cause a structure to fail. Let's get that Magnolia home inspected.

Electrical systems

Any visible components or accessible electrical components are inspected and evaluated. I have seen some dangerous fire hazards while I have been a home inspector. it's a scary situation. The electrical system needs to be safe and that's exactly what I intend to make sure of.

Plumbing systems

It's important to identify plumbing materials. Old out dated materials may be present and need replaced. Also leaks can cause a lot of damage and poor living conditions due to mold growing in areas. Once I complete the home inspection you'll know if there are leaks or plumbing supplies or drains at the end of there life expectancy.

HVAC systems

The heating and cooling of the home is a major component not only making the home comfortable , but also the a/c system remove moisture from the home. I let you know if these systems are operating properly and if labels are present I will let you know how old these systems are.


Operating dishwashers, cooktops, ovens, or ranges, Microwave ovens, Range hoods, Bath fans, dryer vents, and garbage disposals are a must.

Other structural componets

Walls , ceilings, attic, are all inspected it's very important that moisture isn't finding it's way into the home. I'm inspecting like I was buying the home.

More structural componets

One of the most important and expensive materials of your home is the roofing materials. They protect your home from moisture intrusion. I walk the roof if it is safe to do so.

Carports and porches

Inspected just like the rest of the home carefully looking for defects

Option systems

I inspect sprinkler systems if present all other optional systems I don't inspect. I do have third party inspectors that can be scheduled to take care of these extra areas.

Don't get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement

HVAC Systems

You need your A/C and heating to work properly. It can cost a lot of money to replace. Check the cost of HVAC replaces here.
HVAC replacement cost

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is expensive to replace and a neglected roof can add additional cost if moisture intrusion has resulted from a leaky roof.  
Roofing materials replacement


What type of plumbing supplies a home has will provide a huge clue at telling you when you may expect to have to replace the plumbing
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Montgomery county flood Plain Map

Make sure the Katy home your buying isn't in the Flood Plain. Check out below

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Texas consumer Notice
Will additional Magnolia home inspections be needed?
Additional inspection may be needed depending on what defects the home inspection report turned up.

Termite home inspection

A termite inspection is always recommend. Most home inspections Have conducive conditions. So having a licensed termite inspector will be needed. Most home inspectors can schedule the termite inspector for you. 
Learn More

Roofing inspections

Didn't the roof get inspected ? Yes ,but your home inspector may had found defects that need to be evaluated by a roofing contractor or the roof is old. Your home inspector may recommend estimates for repairs or replacement.
Learn More


If your Houston Texas home inspector finds A/C systems not cooling properly, issues with the heating unit, Leaking ducts, Damaged ducts,Thermostat issues, low air flow areas the inspector will recommend a HVAC technician to evaluate.
Learn More

Plumbing inspections Houston

Leaks in the plumbing or drains, materials at the end of there life expectancy , Severely rusted supplies, drains, significant rust at a water heater, gas leaks and the home inspector will recommend a plumber to evaluate.
Learn More


Electrical hazards will diffidently raise the red flag for your home inspector. Safety issues or fire hazards could be present and your house inspector won't hesitant to recommend a full evaluation and repairs if present.
Learn More


If the Houston inspection  finds significant signs of foundation movement/differential settlement the Houston house inspector will recommend a structural engineer to evaluate.
Learn More

Structural issues

Possession her thoroughly remarkably terminated man continuing. Removed.
Learn More

Moisture damage and intrusion

By an packages rejoiced exercise. To ought on am marry rooms doubt music. Mention entered an.
Learn More

Stucco issues

Lady am room head so lady four or eyes an. He do of consulted sometimes concluded mr.
Learn More
Your Magnoli Home inspection specialist
If you plan on buying a Magnolia home it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector. 

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