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Home buying or selling can be difficult whether your a first time home buyer or an experienced investor. My Houston home inspection service can help you proceed with confidence through the real estate transaction.

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Houston's Edge is dedicated to providing you with the best home inspection experience possible, and ensuring that your home is safe and structurally sound so you can move in or sell with confidence. Whether you're buying a pre-owned home, renting, or planning on building a new property, we'll help with a thorough inspection and evaluating your biggest investment.

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A home inspection company that provides more !

My Real estate inspection includes more!  thermal imaging inspection and zip level measurements are all included with every paid inspection.
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Add peace of mind to your Texas home inspection purchase with professional home inspection services like thermal imaging and foundation elevation measurements. We'll help you avoid unexpected problems and protect your investment. We're committed to getting the job done right, so we always use industry-leading technology to give you a complete understanding of your new home's health and detect potential problems discovered by the home inspector.

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Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging scan of home is always free with the purchase of a general home inspection service

Zip Level

Foundation elevation measurements
No Cost
Our zip level measurements of the foundation is free of charge included with the purchase of your home inspection

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at fantastic prices
Our price list is extremely competitive compared to most other Houston home inspection companies with over 11 years of experience, our real inspection delivers a thorough and precise home inspection every time.
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Home inspection service

Your Houston area professional  home inspector

A home inspection by a professional inspector will offer you a clear, unbiased opinion of the condition of your prospective purchase before you buy. The report will reveal the condition of the property and its major systems, including foundation, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, roofing and more.

When considering a home purchase, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually getting. With the help of an experienced Houston home inspector, you can take the guesswork out of your home purchase. We offer clients a complete service that includes professional, comprehensive reports with supporting pictures and videos, expert opinions based on years of experience, and most importantly a pleasant experience from a local family-owned Houston business.
Home inspection service

What are we doing


Structural  Componets

All structural components are inspected as long as they are accessible
grading and drainage
Roof covering
Interior and exterior walls
Interior and exterior ceilings
Porches. Decks, Carports

Electrical systems

The electrical systems can have shock or fire hazards. It's critical that these systems are inspected carefully for defects.
Service entrance and panels
Branch circuits
Identify hazardous service panels Like
Federal Pacific stab LoK Panels.
Challenger Electrical Panel
Hazardous wiring/ Single stranded aluminum wiring

Plumbing systems

Looking for leaks , at supplies drains, and hazardous conditions.

Plumbing supplies
Plumbing drains
Water Heaters
Hydro-message therapy equipment
Identify plumbing supplies
Identify old galvanized plumbing supplies
Identify  leaky water heaters
Identify leaking drains
Identify  slow drains

HVAC systems Appliances/Sprinkler

A/C that don't cool properly or heating units that don't respond, to hazardous conditions such as improper venting.
Heating units
Cooling equipment
Ducts and vents
Testing appliances
Garbage disposer
Microwave ovens
Range hoods
Cooktop and ovens
Optional systems
Sprinkler systems inspected

Professional home inspector

Known for the most comprehensive detailed report

The home inspection process is important ,but the home inspection report show's off the professional home inspectors work
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The most detailed report you can find. Our specialty is in the details, whether it be structural framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing or heating/cooling. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness - each inspection report includes numerous photos of the property with customized comments for that particular property. We offer a commitment because we know you will rely on our expertise and we want to create a long-term relationship by exceeding your expectations every time.
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