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Houston home inspections can protect  home buyers

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a home buyer like, buying home with significant defects. From foundation failures to roofing materials that need replacing, it’s all costly, so we understand your concerns.

However, a comprehensive, thorough Houston Home inspector can often elevate those irrational fears.

Our Houston area home inspection services can tell buyers & sellers important details about the home's condition. Clearly explaining the shape of the house in an easy to read report is our top priority.

The Houston home inspection is like a Report card about the condition of the home.

Thanks for stopping by I would love the opportunity to be your professional  real estate inspector? for the home of your future. Lets make sure that home will treat you well with a extensive evaluation of the home. Make sure to hire the right Houston home inspection service to protect yourself.
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Are you looking for a trustworthy professional Houston home inspection services.?

My exceptional service continues to bring clients back again and again. I am providing additional services at no extra cost. Other professional Houston home inspection services included with your Texas home inspection makes me the best choice for affordable home inspections in Houston Tx.

My home buyer's inspection includes Thermal imagining scans and zip level foundation measurements. These state of the art tools help to assist in finding critical issues that can be present during a Houston  home inspection.

I am a Licensed professional home inspector in Houston, Texas, my licensed #10393 regulated by the Texas real estate commission. I know you have many Houston home inspectors to choose from. If you hire me, you get one of the best local Houston home inspectors.
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No need to google search a Houston home inspector near me when Houston's edge home inspections travels all over the greater Houston metro area.

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Why I’m your #1 Houston Home inspection choice ?

Experience is king

Nothing beats experience. Make sure you're not paying a Houston home inspector to learn how to inspect a home on your dollar. Get yourself an experienced home inspection in Houston to expose as many potential issues the house may have.

Reports customized to each home

All homes are unique. That's why I take the time to create handcrafted comments to fit the home because not all prewritten comments will describe the issue accurately.

Taking the extra time explaining the problems makes all the difference.

This saves the Houston home buyer time and eliminates the back and forth on the phone with the inspector.

I deliver the Report the next day, usually the following morning. You will appreciate the added details included in my inspection Houston reports.

Thermal Imaging included

Thermal imaging can expose invisible items that can't be seen with the eye.

What kinds of defects can be discovered with thermal imaging? Missing insulation, Moisture intrusion, Electrical hot spots.

Foundation measurements included

I'm always going the extra step giving my clients the best every home inspection Houston . I take foundation measurements using a precision zip level; many home inspection companies do not include this service.


Reliably service you can count on. I'm always there for you. I'll be there to answer any questions or concerns you have about your home inspection Houston tx. Whether you are buying a newly built home, older home, or foreclosure home in Houston, I'm one of the best home inspectors in Houston
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What’s inspected by your Houston inspector

Houston house inspection inspect a lot of areas

It's essential to have them appropriately evaluated, and below are the items that I check. These are the areas I will be looking over when you hire me to perform a home inspection in Houston.

Structure Components

Foundation - Identifying the foundation type during a Houston home inspection

inspection service. Slab, post-tension slab foundation, pier, and beam

foundation. The foundation will be evaluated visually where possible,

and the foundation will also be measured for levelness using a zip

level. Note pier beam foundations will be evaluated from the crawlspace

area if the inspector can safely enter and if the access opening is at

least 18" x 24" if they are on the floor and 16"x 24" if they are at

perimeter walls and crawlspace height is 18"

Grading and drainage- During a Houston property inspection the home

inspector will evaluate the drainage of the property. If water doesn't

drain properly away from home, it can cause foundation issues and

moisture intrusion into the structure. Improper drainage causes the

majority of foundation issues. I am inspecting how the home sheds water

away from foundation.. As a Houston property inspector, I take great

care in evaluating the drainage of your Houston home.













Supplies and drains are inspected during your Houston, Texas, home inspection.

HVAC SYSTEMS will be tested and inspected during your home inspections Houston

Air conditioning (A/C), Heating unit, and Ducts

Electrical Systems

The service panel and the branch circuits will be inspected by your Houston inspector for safety issues and defects.

I start inspecting the service panel. Identify the service and branch circuit wiring type. Wiring types for service feeders will be either Aluminum multi-stranded or copper. For the branch circuits, it will be either Aluminum or copper as well. The difference is if the branch circuits have single-stranded aluminum wiring than a certified electrician is recommended because of the fire hazard potential associated with aluminum wiring also insurance can be challenging to find.

The inspector will identify what type of service meaning is the service overhead or underground.

The inspector identifies what type of service panel is present.

Note sometimes on older home inspections Houston I come across some service panels that are known for shock or fire hazards below are the type of service panels to look out for I always recommend these types of panels to be replaced.


Dishwashers, Cooktops, Ovens, Garbage disposals, Microwave, Exhaust fans, Dryer Vents, Garage doors, and openers.
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How much does a home inspection cost in Houston?

Most Houston house inspection don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Houston home inspection cost click the button below.
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What makes a great home inspection report?

See what I do


It takes time to create a really good home inspection report each home is different so cookie cutter comments just won't work for the whole home inspection report. So home inspectors have to put the time in to customize the report to each and every home.


Photos can help make the report easy to understand. That's why I'm a firm believer in included large amounts of photos in your Houston inspection report.

next day delivery

Like I said above it takes time for a home inspector to produce a special detailed report. So I deliver the report within 24 hours of the inspection. Most times the report is ready about 10:00 a.m. next morning.

Onsite vs next day delivery

Although it may be more convenient to receive your report onsite at the time of the inspection your missing out on the special details that make it easy for you to tell exactly where the problems are. So the choice is up to you delivery the next day or onsite.

 Residential Home Inspection specialist  in the Houston Texas area

Photo of a home for a buyer home inspection
Buyers home inspections                           
I can help first time home buyers or experienced home buyers. I help home buyers make informed decisions with a great property home inspection
Photo of a sellers home inspection
Seller Home inspection
Pre-listing home inspections give home sellers the opportunity to fix items that may kill a deal. Sell your home with confidence.
Photo of a new home
One year warranty home inspections
Make sure repairs are made by your home builder. Your new home may home issues that your not aware of. If you didn't get a new home home inspection when you purchased your home. This is your second chance at one. Second chances don't come along every day. Make sure the buyer pays and not your wallet.
Picture of a older home
Pre 1980s Home inspections hire well
Older homes like these are more challenging and Typically have more defects. As a home buyer you should hire wisely if not a older home if not inspected by an experienced home inspector could cost you down the road. 
Ugly house home inspector phot of a ugly home
Yes we inspect ugly Houses  make sure you hire experiece
Buying a home in poor condition make sure you get a home inspection check list so you know all the issues. Helps you prepare a repair list for estimates to fix that ugly house.
Picture of a home that been foreclosed
Foreclosure home inspector specialist
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Houston inspection finds from our professional home inspection services.

Flexable gas lines going through a heating unit cabinet can leak due to vibration when heatimng unit is running
Flexible gas lines going through heating unit cabinet
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Houston foundation issues
Cracks in the foundation doesn't always mean the structure is falling
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Mold like stains at supply registers can indicate a condensation problem leaky air ducts
Mold like stains on supply register What could be the cause?
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Plumbing leaks observed at the laundry room bibs
Leaking hose bibs at laundry stands usually not noticed by seller
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Dryer vent
Dryer vents that vent into the attic can provide a favorable condition for mold
Dryer vents venting into the attic space can cause high levels of moisture at attic area. The high levels makes good conditions for mold to grow. Most home owners neglect dryer vent cleaning and they become clogged with lint. Many times the dryer vent will have so much pressure it will come apart and than the humid air from the dryer will vent into the attic.
Plumbing drains issues
Plumbing drains not supported and improper slope
This home is a pier and beam home and this is what I found under the home during the house inspection. Plumbing supplies not supported or secured. They were also not sloped properly for water to drain correctly. This could cause plumbing backups or drain lines that break apart. Diffidently call for a plumber if you buying this home.

Houston home inspection finds

Home inspection defect finds during a home inspections Houston Texas
  • Brick veneer step cracking could be a sign of foundation failure
    Step cracking
    Some cracks are cosmetic and some foundation cracks are structural issues
    Foundation Cracks
    Headwall Flashing that is lifting can lead to moisture penatrating into the homes structure
    Lifting roof flashing
    Squirrels love to chew and damage lead roof boots

    Lead roof boot Flashing

  • Be sure to clean your dyer vents once a year a clogged dryer vent can cause a fire.
    Dryer vent fire hazard
    Flexable gas lines going through a heating unit cabinet can leak due to vibration when heatimng unit is running

    Flexible gas line

    The hazards of combustable vent strapping missing.
    Strapping missing at combustible vents
    Moisture damaged soffit caused from roof leaks and gutter debris


    Moisture damaged soffits and fascia
Slider #1 photo explanations
Step cracks
Commonly know as stair cracking due to the resemblance to stairs. The cracks appear in the mortar of the brick veneer. The mortar is the weakest area of the wall and cracks easier when settlement begins. Stair cracks usually continue to the bottom of the wall. Stair step cracking with cracks wider than a quarter of an inch need to be evaluated by a structural engineer.
Foundation cracks
Not all cracks in the foundation are a concern. Shrinkage cracks and hairline cracks are mostly not a concern , but should be monitored. Separating cracks may need further investigating by a structural engineer. 
Lifting headwall Flashing
Lifting flashing can allow moisture into the structural. This can cause damage to your home and a favorable condition for mold to grow. This inspection defects needs to be address as soon as possible before wind driven rains can enter into the structure of the home.
Lead roof boot flashing
Although this is a good product a common problem with lead roof boot flashing is that squirrels like to chew it. This damages the flashing and can allow moisture to enter at roof vents. 
Slider #2 photo explanation
Fire hazards at dryer vents
Dryer vents often go unnoticed and maintenance  is very important. Most home owners neglect the dryer vents and it is too common to find them clogged with lint. This creates two problems and both issues are serious. The first problem is the dryer vent becomes a fire hazard. and the second can create a moisture issue. Lots of times if the vent becomes so clogged that it can't vent the dryer vent will become disconnected inside the wall or attic. Than all the moist air venting from the dryer either vents into a wall or the attic space. This creates a moisture issue and mold can grow as a result. Dryer vents need to be cleaned and depending on how often depends on how large your family is or how often you do laundry. It is recommended to have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year.
Flexible gas line
Some times during a home inspection Houston tx I find a flexible gas line run through a heating unit cabinet. Flexible gas lines should not be ran through heating unit cabinets. The heating unit can vibrate and damage the flexible gas line causing a gas leak. Instead hard piping is recommend.
Combustible vent strapping
Strapping missing from combustible vents like a gas heater or water heater. This often happens after roof replacement. The roofing replaces the roofing and forgets to re strap combustible vents. This can be a hazardous condition because a lot of times when the roofing lift the vents the vents are out of place especially at the water heater. I have seen this many times the water heater vent is not in place and carbon monoxide is now venting into the attic space. The other issue is when vents are not strapped they can move and break connections disconnecting or moving the vent out of place and cause carbon monoxide to vent into the attic space. It doesn't seem like a big deal ,but it can be a life saver. Many times it's the small things that can save a life.  
Moisture damaged fascia boards and soffits
Fascia boards and soffits can have moisture damage due to a roof that's leaking or over flowing gutters that are full of debris.

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My professional Home inspection License

Search my home inspection license by my name John Junior Fish or by license # 10393. Make sure your home inspectors license is active.
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Harris county flood map                       

Find out if your buying a home in the Harris County flood plain view the map.
Is the home your buying in a flood plain find out here

Learn how to water your foundation in the Houston area

A very informative youtube video about watering the foundation in our areas from Michael Gray professional P.E.
Watc youtube video

Foundation repairs

common home issues for home buyers and home owners in Houston  and surrounding area click the link below to lean more
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Texas consumer Notice
Home inspection Houston
Your Home inspector
John Fish License #10393
That's me taking zip level measurements. No this is not an extra service it's included with your home inspection purchase.

Incredible services included at incredible prices. Do miss out get the most out of your home inspection hire a home inspector in Houston TX like me.
A High Quality Houston Home inspection
Best Houston home inspector
Welcome I'm John Fish and I will be the person preforming your home inspection. I'm the only Houston inspector of the business by choice. The reason is simply. This is the only way one can be self-assured that the service is the highest quality at every home inspection. You as a client are assured that your receiving services from an experienced home inspector. A multi home inspection company employing many home inspectors just can't promise what I can. I have built a HOUSTON home inspection reputation in the industry and I protect it with my hard work every day.

I will provide you with exceptional service that's my promise to you. No gimmicks I don't add fluff to the service that is worthless adding to the price of your professional home inspections services in Houston, TX. I let the service and report speak for themselves.

I will deliver a customized high quality home inspection report that will make it clear what risk may be present. Lean what items to negotiate while in your option period click here.
Will additional Houston inspections be needed?
Additional inspection may be needed depended on what they house has or what the home inspector recommends.

Termite home inspection

A termite inspection is always recommend to protect home buyers against the potential of  Insect Infestation. Most home inspections Have conducive conditions. So having a licensed termite inspector will be needed. Most home inspectors can schedule the termite inspector for you. 
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Roofing inspections

Didn't the roof get inspected ? Yes ,but your home inspector may had found defects that need to be evaluated by a roofing contractor or the roof is old. Your home inspector may recommend estimates for repairs or replacement.
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If your Houston Texas home inspector finds A/C systems not cooling properly, issues with the heating unit, Leaking ducts, Damaged ducts,Thermostat issues, low air flow areas the inspector will recommend a HVAC technician to evaluate.
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Plumbing inspections Houston

Leaks in the plumbing or drains, materials at the end of there life expectancy , Severely rusted supplies, drains, significant rust at a water heater, gas leaks and the home inspector will recommend a plumber to evaluate.
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Electrical hazards will diffidently raise the red flag for your home inspector. Safety issues or fire hazards could be present and your house inspector won't hesitant to recommend a full evaluation and repairs if present.
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If the Houston inspection  finds significant signs of foundation movement/differential settlement the Houston house inspector will recommend a structural engineer to evaluate.
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Structural issues

Possession her thoroughly remarkably terminated man continuing. Removed.
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Moisture damage and intrusion

By an packages rejoiced exercise. To ought on am marry rooms doubt music. Mention entered an.
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Stucco issues

Lady am room head so lady four or eyes an. He do of consulted sometimes concluded mr.
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House inspector Houston will travel the Houston area
Inspecting a neighborhood near the home your buying in Houston. We provide Houston house inspections in variety of Houston areas from  Champions, Garden oaks, The heights, downtown, inside the loop or outside the loop all the way to beltway 8. We inspect houses all over the greater Houston area and many other locations. If your ready for a great house inspection in Houston Texas I can help you.
Champions Houston

Garden Oaks Houston

The Heights Houston

Just to name a few
Your Houston Home inspection foreclosure specialist
If you plan on buying a Houston Foreclosure it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector. 
Your Houston home inspection foreclosure specialist

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