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Buying a foreclosed property? If so you will need the best Houston home inspection company. A foreclosed property can be challenging for a less experienced Houston home inspector. The reason is most Houston home inspections I have done on foreclosed homes were not well maintained. 

Foreclosure Houston home inspections may be on the rise in 2020

Houston home inspections for foreclosed homes may be on the rise in the near future. Thanks to COVID and the economy shut down across the U.S. we may soon see a steep rise in foreclosures. According to an annalist at
analysis by ATTOM Data Solutions.
Foreclosures could nearly double in the coming year in the worst case scenario due to unemployment and delinquent loan payments cased by the pandemic.  
That means there may be a large amount of Houston home inspections on foreclosures coming in the near future.
Your Houston Home inspection foreclosure specialist
If you plan on buying a Houston Foreclosure it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector. 
Houston Home investors
Houston buying market may favor  home investors once again.

Is a change coming in real estate?

We may soon see a shift in the Houston real estate market. It's be since hurricane Harvey since the Houston housing market has been favorable to home investors. Harvey caused a housing shortage and home prices rose and leaving the Houston Residential market unfavorable to home buying investors. If your a home investor be sure to hire an experienced home inspector for your Houston home inspection needs. With over 10 years of experience I'm your go to Houston home inspector.     
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