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What is an 11-month warranty inspection?

These are home inspections performed on a home before your limited warranty expires from the builder. This will be your last chance to hire a professional home inspection before the warranty coverage expires on the new home. If you are in the camp of thinking it's a new home and you don't need a home inspection that could be a big mistake. Your home may have pre-existing conditions that need to be repaired. Make sure your builder is the one paying for any needed repairs and schedule your professional home inspector today.

Are one-year new home warranty inspections different than your typical home inspection?

No, the only difference is that you already own the home. all the same, items are inspected here's a basic list of inspected items.
Electrical systems
Plumbing systems
Structural components
Air conditioning
Grading and drainage
Kitchen Appliances
Click to see the full home inspection list of inspected items

How to have your home ready for the 1-year builder warranty inspection?

Make sure things are accessible as much as possible, especially these items. electrical service panels and sub panels, water heating equipment, HVAC equipment, doors, windows, attic access areas, and as many receptacles as possible. You should also be keeping a list of items you have noticed that are damaged or don't function that the builder hasn't fixed yet. Share the items with the inspector when he or she arrives. Of course, all utilities need to be on.

What to expect on the Day of inspection?

If your hiring me as your qualified home inspector expect me to show up about 10-15 minutes early, but don't worry I won't start until our scheduled time. My inspection flow will start at the exterior unless it's raining  If it's raining I will reverse my order of operations and start at the interior for the simple reason that I don't want to track water into your home.
Once outside I will locate the water meter, main water shut-off valve, locate main plumbing clean-out, Gas meter if present, electrical panel, and condensing unit, and water heater if present at the exterior or garage. Documenting any defects, safety hazards issues, or items not functioning or safety features that are missing, and continue until all required items are inspected to the Texas Real Estates commission standards of practice.

Once at the interior I will come in and turn the oven on, Dishwasher on, check for hot water at the kitchen sink, then I will get the home ready for the interior inspection turning on all lights and open all blind shades. Then the home is ready for inspection. Once again I will inspect all required items that are regulated by the Texas Real Estate commission. Click the button below to view a list of all inspected items.
Once the onsite inspection has been completed I will go over my findings with you. The next morning I will email you a copy of the home inspection report. Once the inspection report has been delivered please read it carefully and make sure to deliver it to your home builder before your 1-year builder warranty contract expires.

Why your 12-month home warranty inspection is important.

A home inspection is important for all homes even new construction. Some new construction homes just have minor issues, but there have been many new homes and one-year home warranty inspections I have performed inspection services for that had major issues. Potential buyers and new homeowners need to realize there is no such thing as a perfect home. In fact, some of these new homes would surprise you with what kinds of major flaws I have found. Anywhere from missing rafters, significate damaged water heaters, poor drainage around the home to condensation dripping or ponding inside or on top of heating units or evaporating coils, Supply registers not circulating air properly, and downright dangerous flaws like heating unit or gas water heater vents not connected and much more. Save you and your family from safety hazards or expensive repair or replacement costs don't let the builder off the hook because it will cost you in the end.
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