Diagrame about my home inspection work flow

My home inspection process

During the home buying process the home buyer has the opportunity to have an inspection of the home they have an offer in on. Ever wonder what the process looks like? If so here’s a description of what happens during the home inspection process

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Roofing defects

This is a great article all about what types of roofing defects are common finds at a home inspection. Learn the most common roofing defects and what to look out for. after reading this you will be a more informed home buyer especially about roofing.

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Home maintenance inspection

For some home maintenance is difficult. Most times it’s not doing the work it’s knowing what needs to be maintained. Many home owners are unaware of what maintenance needs performed. Proper home maintenance can save a home owner money. Don’t let a small repair become a huge one. Learn what you can do to properly maintain your home.

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Are home inspections more advanced today?

Since license requirements began in 1985 in Texas home inspections have become more advanced than ever. Buyers gain great benifits from technology. From just a paper and pencil to flying drones, high quality reports with photos of defects to a tool box full of expensive equipment the home buyer receives great information and a very detailed report like never before.

Are you throwing money away?

Take a look at your home with infrared thermal imaging you may be shocked of the money being wasted. Take a look at your home with infrared thermal imaging you may be shocked of the money being wasted. Don’t let that home spend money your not aware of. Have it inspected with infrared because what you can’t see can hurt your pocket.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance can help your roof last longer. With the costly installation of installing a new roof it’s a good ideal to milk all the life you can from your existing roof. Learn what you can do to get the most out of your roof.

Buying an old home.

Interesting information on buying an older home and what type of defects to prepare yourself for. Issues that are commonly found in older homes can be very expensive to repair and some of the items are hazards. It’s a good ideal to higher an experienced home inspector.