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Welcome, Tomball homebuyer. Have you found your dream home in Tomball TX? If so, make sure the house lives up to expectations and have it inspected by a pro. I highly recommend hiring an experienced home inspector to perform your home inspection in Tomball, TX. The home buying process is hard enough. Here at Houston's edge home inspections, we believe that a Tomball home shouldn't have any secrets. Hire a company that can expose defects the home may be hiding.

My home inspection services can expose undisclosed problems that the client wasn't aware of. My home inspection findings will help expose issues that need repairs. I have inspected 1000's of homes over the last 11 years giving many clients peace of mind through the real estate process.

Why Hire me as your Tomball TX professional inspector?

Experienced Licensed inspector

With over 11 years of experience inspecting homes, you are in good hands.

Flexible scheduling Tomball Tx

I try to accommodate the client and schedule to fit their schedule. Schedule your inspection service.

Fantastic home inspection reports

A home inspection report will make the difference, and when you book an inspection with me, you can bet all the details in my reports will make the difference.

Affordable home inspector Tomball TX

Although the price is not the most important part of the Tomball TX home inspection services, it sure is nice when you receive quality and great customer service, all for an affordable price.

More Services included

I offer extra services in my Tomball TX inspection. When you book an inspection with me you receive a thermal imaging scan and foundation zip level measurements of the foundations. Make sure you are receiving the best Tomball TX inspection have a pro evaluate the house your buying.

Average home inspection cost puzzle, money, business

Average Houston inspection cost

Most Houston home inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Houston inspection cost click the button below.
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Residential Real Estate Home Inspection specialist in Houston TX and Tomball Tx areas.

Photo of home home-buyers inspection

Buyers home inspection services

I can help first time home buyers or experienced homebuyers. I help home buyers make informed decisions with a great property home inspection.

Photo of home sellers inspection

Seller Home inspection services

A pre-listing home inspection allows home sellers to fix items that may kill a deal. Sell your home with confidence.

One year warranty home inspection services

Make your home builder makes sure repairs. Your new home may home issues that your not aware of if you didn't get a new home inspection when you purchased your home. This is your second chance at one. Second chances don't come along every day. Make sure the buyer pays and not your wallet.

New Construction home inspection services

Many buyers believe a new home doesn't have any defects. In my 11 years of experience, I have seen many new homes with defects, and sometimes they are major. Make sure you have a home inspector view the home your buying.

Thorough and detailed professional home inspection report that will knock your socks off!

Experienced report writer

With over 11 years of home inspection experience and very detailed reports, I'm a great choice for your home inspection services

My home inspection reports are informative.

I spend most of my time creating the Reports. Many times the inspection report take longer to produce than it takes to do the inspection. Are you considering hiring an inspector who provides a Report on-site? I urge you to ask yourself how good will the report be that was produced in about a three or four-hour window during the inspection. Reports delivered at the inspection will not be customized to the house making it just a generic report. I feel that I must make things as clear as possible. Many times the report takes me three hours or longer to produce. I produce quality customized Reports, and that’s not going to happen using only drop-down comments. I offer unique Reports because all homes are not the same. Our specialized custom Reports are what you're looking for at an affordable, fair price than you have found your inspector view a report and give me a call at 281-770-2773

What's inspected?

  • Structural Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Appliances

Like to view a full list of inspected items Check out what all is inspected during a home inspection

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Serving all of the greater Houston area and surrounding Houston TX areas

I serve Tomball TX. Cypress TX, Magnolia area, Pinehurst, and many more areas around Tomball Tx. If you're not sure I serve your location, give me a call to see if I service your area. 281-770-2773.

Experienced Home inspection services are the best.

Hello, my name is John Fish. I've been inspecting homes since 2009—my Texas Real estate Commission professional home inspectors license #10393.

Your inspection specialist

If you plan on buying a Home in Tomball Texas it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector.