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John Fish
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License # 10393

Is that Tomball Tx dream home all it should be?

Houston's Edge home inspections understand how important a new home purchase is for buyers. It’s one of the largest investments you will ever make, Thus, make sure you're informed of what’s going on behind the scenes to avoid expensive errors. My experience will provide an in-depth analysis of the property, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is what you believe it to be.

Extensive home inspection experience

With a lengthy background in property inspection, I'm John Fish, and hold a license issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission which has been active since 2009. My clients have trusted me to carry out thousands of residential inspections over the course of my career and can rest assured that I provide a high degree of service as well with very detailed reports.
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Advanced home inspection Technology

Along with my extensive experience, I employ the latest technologies in the home inspection domain. Thermal imagining cameras and zip levels are used to discover and identify issues such as moisture, missed insulation, and electrical incidents that would be otherwise impossible to detect with the human eye. Moisture meters are used to corroborate moisture at suspected zones determined through thermal imaging. Furthermore, on account of a hydro-static altimeter known as a zip level, foundation measurements can be taken with paper-thin accuracy.

What can be expected from a our professional inspection service?

A high-quality home evaluation can be used to determine the true condition of a property. This type of assessment is performed by myself and includes detailed reporting on the condition of a residential property. The information collected through the inspection process is then presented in an easy-to-read PDF report that is delivered to an email address within 24 hours. This result provides a reliable and accurate picture of the home's real value, providing homeowners with the insight necessary to make informed decisions about their investments. This service is particularly useful for potential buyers when determining the if the home is right for them. After the report is delivered I'm available to answer any questions or concerns the client may have.

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Clients are welcome to attend the inspection for a fist hand observation of the inspection process and review of the inspection finding about the home they intend to purchase.
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What's inspected
Know what's included

What will a home inspector examine during an inspection of the property?

Do you want to know what a residence inspector inspects during a regular home inspection? I will give a list containing all the most important systems, and if you desire a more inclusive catalog click the button beneath to observe precisely what is inspected.
Complete list of inspected items

The quick list of home inspection items

The structural componets of a home
Plumbing systems
HVAC Systems
Electrical systems
There are also optional systems that an inspector could also inspect but are not required. Like sprinkler systems, Pools, Spas, Septic systems, outbuildings, etc. If the home has some of these items it's important to discuss with the inspector the benefits of having these systems inspected. Termite inspections are not required for inspectors, some inspectors offer termite inspections. It's important to note certain loan types like a V.A. loan require a termite inspection.

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Noelle Laughrun
"I have invested in several properties and used Houson's Edge Home Inspections on all of my most recent purchases. John is very trustworthy and his report and is extremely helpful and easy to read! I was able to determine the most important concerns that needed to be addressed easily so that I knew if I was making a good purchase."
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"My real estate agent recommended John and highly recommended him. They are very detailed and take time to explain the findings. Very professional and highly recommend them if you are purchasing a home or real estate. Five stars"

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Kara “Josie” U.
"My husband and I are in the process of closing on our first home and John did such a good job inspecting our new house! Very thorough with his inspection! Very happy we went with him"

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