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Home inspector Tomball tx

Well you came to the right place if your buying a home in the Tomball Texas area than your in need of good home inspection. Although there are many home inspectors Tomball Tx to choose from you need one that is looking out for you and your families best interest. This is what I do. All my home inspections in Tomball Tx are independent meaning I work for you and nobody else. Since your searching the web this is exactly what your looking for.I do not candy coat anything you receive a straight forward approach rather the house is in good condition or in poor condition. If there are hazards than your gonna know about it with pictures inserted stating exactly what the defect or hazard are right in your Tomball home inspection report.I keep my reports simple not complicating things with building jargon after all this report is for you not me.Although some clients may be very knowledgeable in construction other may not. So having easy to understand reports is a plus and also it's easy for your Realtor to scan through all the defects in the summary section. Looking to keep your family safe. That's exactly what I value the most. Delivering the information about any safety hazards or financial devastators that may be visible at the home your about to buy. I am all about quality and not quaintly. Have you ever bough something that broke shortly afterwards and wish you had spent the extra money on the better quality item. Well this will be one of if not the most expansive purchase you will ever make make sure you don't buy the cheap Tomball home inspection service realizing down the road you made a mistake. The cheap inspections in most cases are cheap because the home inspector Tomball Tx has not been performing home inspections very long or is an inspector that would rather do volume than quality work. I take my time to carefully gather all needed information paying a lot of attention to all the visible details of the home. I take the time to talk with you making sure you understand while making the final walk through the home pointing out the issues.What can I gain from a Tomball home inspection service. By hiring our home inspection service in the Tomball Texas area you have taken the first step in obtaining vital information about the condition of one of the most expensive purchases in your entire life your home. You need to know if the home your about to buy has been maintained properly and everything is working or functioning properly. I have a vast knowledge in this area knowing what to look for to determine if the components of home are functioning properly need repairs or replaced. Basically making my service valuable and your line of defense against expensive repairs or replacement items. Visit the link for home inspection pricing.

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My exceptional service continues to bring clients back again and again. I am providing additional services at no extra cost. Other professional Houston home inspection services included with your Texas home inspection makes me the best choice for affordable home inspections in Houston Tx.

My home buyer's inspection includes Thermal imagining scans and zip level foundation measurements. These state of the art tools help to assist in finding critical issues that can be present during a Houston, Texas, home inspection.

I am a Licensed professional home inspector in Houston, Texas, my licensed #10393 regulated by the Texas real estate commission. I know you have many Houston home inspectors to choose from. If you hire me, you get one of the best local Houston home inspectors.
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Most Tomball  home inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Tomball Texas home inspection cost click the button below.
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Tomball home inspection finds

Home inspection defect found  during a Tomball home inspection
  • Brick veneer step cracking could be a sign of foundation failure
    Step cracking
    Some cracks are cosmetic and some foundation cracks are structural issues
    Foundation Cracks
    Headwall Flashing that is lifting can lead to moisture penatrating into the homes structure
    Lifting roof flashing
    Squirrels love to chew and damage lead roof boots

    Lead roof boot Flashing

  • Be sure to clean your dyer vents once a year a clogged dryer vent can cause a fire.
    Dryer vent fire hazard
    Flexable gas lines going through a heating unit cabinet can leak due to vibration when heatimng unit is running

    Flexible gas line

    The hazards of combustable vent strapping missing.
    Strapping missing at combustible vents
    Moisture damaged soffit caused from roof leaks and gutter debris


    Moisture damaged soffits and fascia
Slider #1 photo explanations
Step cracks
Commonly know as stair cracking due to the resemblance to stairs. The cracks appear in the mortar of the brick veneer. The mortar is the weakest area of the wall and cracks easier when settlement begins. Stair cracks usually continue to the bottom of the wall. Stair step cracking with cracks wider than a quarter of an inch need to be evaluated by a structural engineer.
Foundation cracks
Not all cracks in the foundation are a concern. Shrinkage cracks and hairline cracks are mostly not a concern , but should be monitored. Separating cracks may need further investigating by a structural engineer. 
Lifting headwall Flashing
Lifting flashing can allow moisture into the structural. This can cause damage to your home and a favorable condition for mold to grow. This inspection defects needs to be address as soon as possible before wind driven rains can enter into the structure of the home.
Lead roof boot flashing
Although this is a good product a common problem with lead roof boot flashing is that squirrels like to chew it. This damages the flashing and can allow moisture to enter at roof vents. 
Slider #2 photo explanation
Fire hazards at dryer vents
Dryer vents often go unnoticed and maintenance  is very important. Most home owners neglect the dryer vents and it is too common to find them clogged with lint. This creates two problems and both issues are serious. The first problem is the dryer vent becomes a fire hazard. and the second can create a moisture issue. Lots of times if the vent becomes so clogged that it can't vent the dryer vent will become disconnected inside the wall or attic. Than all the moist air venting from the dryer either vents into a wall or the attic space. This creates a moisture issue and mold can grow as a result. Dryer vents need to be cleaned and depending on how often depends on how large your family is or how often you do laundry. It is recommended to have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year.
Flexible gas line
Some times during a home inspection Houston tx I find a flexible gas line run through a heating unit cabinet. Flexible gas lines should not be ran through heating unit cabinets. The heating unit can vibrate and damage the flexible gas line causing a gas leak. Instead hard piping is recommend.
Combustible vent strapping
Strapping missing from combustible vents like a gas heater or water heater. This often happens after roof replacement. The roofing replaces the roofing and forgets to re strap combustible vents. This can be a hazardous condition because a lot of times when the roofing lift the vents the vents are out of place especially at the water heater. I have seen this many times the water heater vent is not in place and carbon monoxide is now venting into the attic space. The other issue is when vents are not strapped they can move and break connections disconnecting or moving the vent out of place and cause carbon monoxide to vent into the attic space. It doesn't seem like a big deal ,but it can be a life saver. Many times it's the small things that can save a life.  
Moisture damaged fascia boards and soffits
Fascia boards and soffits can have moisture damage due to a roof that's leaking or over flowing gutters that are full of debris.

Don't get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement

HVAC Systems

You need your A/C and heating to work properly. It can cost a lot of money to replace. Check the cost of HVAC replaces here.
HVAC replacement cost

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is expensive to replace and a neglected roof can add additional cost if moisture intrusion has resulted from a leaky roof.  
Roofing materials replacement


What type of plumbing supplies a home has will provide a huge clue at telling you when you may expect to have to replace the plumbing
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Tomball floodplain Map

Make sure the Katy home your buying isn't in the Flood Plain. Check out below

Tomball Texas Floodplain map
Texas consumer Notice
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