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Real defects from real  from a inspector Houston
As a home inspector in Houston Tx I have discovered all kinds of defects that needed corrected.
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Large separating cracks observed in brick veneer Houston home
Structural Failure
Signification brick veneer separating crack observed at a home inspection service in Houston.
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This Houston home was only about 12 years old and had differential movement large separating cracks and large separating cracks at interior drywall. This issue needed further evaluation by a structural engineer to find out exactly what was needed to stabilize foundation.
Disconnected system ground from driven rod
Disconnected Ground
The service panel had a grounding electrode conductor (GEC) that was disconnected from the driven rod
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The grounding electrode conductor (GEC) was loose to the top of a driven rod that services as the grounding electrode. To help ensure effective service grounding, The Inspector recommends correction by a qualified electrical contractor.
Heating unit vent did not extend enough above flat roof
Combustible Vents
Combustible vents are not extended high enough above roof
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A "too short" chimney, heater, or water heater, in this case, won't have a tall-enough column of rising hot gases inside to develop a safe, adequate draft. This is a hazardous defect of carbon monoxide gases not venting to the exterior.
A/C refrigerant
The A/C system for the home may be older and have an old outdated type of refrigerant.
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As of January 2020 R-22 refrigerant is illegal to manufacture. That means if you have an older air conditioning unit that uses R-22 that supplies will run out and it will become more expensive and evidently stock will run out.     
Thermal imaging scan of electrical service panel
Electrical thermal imaging scan
Thermal imaging scans of electrical systems can expose hot spots.
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Hot breakers, hot wires, light fixtures, electrical receptacles can be fire hazards.
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What do you see?
The majority of home buyers usually see the cosmetic defects.
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That's why you need a Houston home inspector on your side sometimes a home inspector will even protect you from your own judgement.

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