What is a home inspection

Full house inspection

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is an evaluation of a property that a home buyer intends to buy. The home inspector will complete an onsite evaluation of the home and deliver a home inspection report back to the buyer. The report covers any defects that the home inspection evaluation uncovered.

How do home inspectors find the defects.

Home inspectors find defects visually and testing systems of a home. I starts by walking the home and looking or testing each of the homes systems. Experience have a good eye for finding defects. You must know what to look for and know general information and building codes for particular parts of a home. Home inspectors are investigators. 
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Are the plumbing systems looked at during a home inspection.
Yes a home inspector will look at the plumbing systems at the home.The home inspector will locate the water meter, main shut off valve, gas meter and most likely note their locations in the report. Home inspectors will also identify the type of plumbing supplies and water drains. The home inspector will look for signs of present or past leaks by running water at all water supply locations like at bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas and outdoor hose bibs. If any leaks or moisture issues are found it will be documented in the inspection report. 

Will the foundation be evaluated?
Yes the foundation will be evaluated visually and also by  opening and closing doors and windows. The inspector is looking for cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows or doors, Leaning walls, Bowed walls, cracks in drywall at walls, and ceilings, Cracks in tiles at floors and walls,Sloping floors, Separation at rafters and ridge boards. These are can be signs of foundation movement. I also take foundation measurements to aid in better evaluating the foundation. 
Is the roof of a part a home inspection?
Yes roofing materials are identified and inspected. If it is safe to walk the roof than the roof should be walked. A home inspector gets a much better look at the condition and age of the materials up close and personnel.The are many areas that need to be carefully inspected and many problems can't be seen from the ground. Steep roof and high access roof do create a problem for home inspectors. Not being able to get a close look may mean a problem can go undetected. If your inspector can only evaluate from the ground you may want to obtain the services of a roofing contractor to do a more thorough roof inspection. This may even require special equipment or a roofing contractor who's may experienced in dealing with these types of roofs. 

How about the homes  heating ventilation air conditioning[HVAC]
Heating units, Air conditioners, and thermostats  are tested. Ducts and vents are inspected visually filters are inspected as well.