Home inspection Katy Tx

Never underestimate the negotiating power of a home inspection report to reduce the cost of the home or have expensive defective items replaced or repaired.

Katy home inspections protect home buyers.

After spending all your extra time you have finally found the home and it's perfect. It has all the bedrooms and bathrooms that your family requires. In fact you like it so you have made an offer and it has been accepted. Your agent has told you it's time to hire a home inspector Katy tx. You only have a seven day option period.

Time is of the essence, but don't just hire any home inspectors in Katy tx  without asking the right questions.

Follow the link to my home inspection cost page and find out what questions to ask and why your there find out home much does it cost for a home inspection right onsite.
Home inspectors fees
Are you a first-time Katy Texas home buyer
Being a first-time home buyer makes for a nervous time  in your life. Your new to home buying and your not sure what kind of condition the home is in. That's why you need a home inspector in Katy tX to take the time to help you through the home inspection in Katy Tx.  If you are looking for an inspector that thoroughly explain the homes condition well congratulations you just found your Katy home inspector.  
Home inspection Katy tx
Foundation measurements include with your purchase

Why Houston's edge home inspections?

With over 10 plus years inspecting homes a great choice.
Thorough and detailed home inspection reports that will knock your socks off!
More for your money with zip level measurements along with thermal imaging include for free with your purchase of a home inspection Katy Texas you'll know I provide the most value at affordable home inspection prices.
This is defiantly not the time to hire a cheap home inspector.
Think of your Katy home inspection as an investment in your future. The home inspection can save you thousands of dollars either off the price of the home or having items repaired by seller. If you bargain shop and hire an inexperienced Katy home inspector it may cost you thousands.

Your Katy home purchase is an important decision. Make sure you have all the facts of the home before you buy. My comprehensive Katy home inspections can help you make the most informed decision about purchasing a property in Katy Texas. Make sure before your option period expires you employ an experienced home inspector to help you determine what kind of risks may be associated with the property you intend to buy
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How much does a home inspection cost?

Most Katy home inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Katy home inspection cost click the button below.
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Hello Katy Texas home buyers
Make sure to do a little homework before hiring a  home inspector Katy Texas

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Defects presented by your home inspector Houston

Take a look at the defects that can be uncovered
Poor drainage observed at a Katy home inspection
Poor Drainage
Poor drainage is a very common find during a home inspection Katy Tx
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Just because it's common doesn't mean that overtime it can't have a serious effect on your foundation.
Disconnected system ground from driven rod
Disconnected Ground
The service panel had a grounding electrode conductor (GEC) that was disconnected from the driven rod
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The grounding electrode conductor (GEC) was loose to the top of a driven rod that services as the grounding electrode. To help ensure effective service grounding, The Inspector recommends correction by a qualified electrical contractor.
Heating unit vent did not extend enough above flat roof
Combustible Vents
Combustible vents are not extended high enough above roof
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A "too short" chimney, heater, or water heater, in this case, won't have a tall-enough column of rising hot gases inside to develop a safe, adequate draft. This is a hazardous defect of carbon monoxide gases not venting to the exterior.
A/C refrigerant
The A/C system for the home may be older and have an old outdated type of refrigerant.
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As of January 2020 R-22 refrigerant is illegal to manufacture. That means if you have an older air conditioning unit that uses R-22 that supplies will run out and it will become more expensive and evidently stock will run out.     
Thermal imaging scan of electrical service panel
Electrical thermal imaging scan
Thermal imaging scans of electrical systems can expose hot spots.
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Hot breakers, hot wires, light fixtures, electrical receptacles can be fire hazards.
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What do you see?
The majority of home buyers usually see the cosmetic defects.
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That's why you need a Houston home inspector on your side sometimes a home inspector will even protect you from your own judgement.

Katy tx home inspection Finds

These are just a few of the type of defects  that could be lurking in the home your under contract to purchase.
  • Gurgling Toilets

    Home inspection finds Federal pacific stab lok
    Federal Pacific

    Home inspector finds double tapped breakers
    Double tapped breaker

    Professional home inspector findsStains at supply registers

    Register stains

  • Dryer vent
    Dryer venting into attic
    Mold like stains
    Result of dryer venting into attic
    Plumbing leaks
    Leaking valves at laundry stand
    Plumbing drains issues
    Plumbing under pier and beam foundation not secured or sloped properly
Slider #1 Photo explanations

Gurgling toilets

Gurgling toilets yes the name doesn't sound too attractive I know. A gurgling toilet could cause a home buyer problems down the road and some of them may be seriously expensive. The cause could be as simple as a drain clog or more serious like tree roots damaging the sewer line. It also could be an issue with your vent stack which allows sewer gases to escape to through a vent out the roof to exterior air. In any case I always recommend a qualified plumber to evaluate.

Federal Pacific Stab Lok

Federal Pacific stab Lok service panels. These types of service panels can be found in homes built in the 1960's to the 1980's. I always recommend replacement of this type of service panel . These types of service panels are a know fire hazard.

Double tapped breakers

This is another fire hazards and it is recommended that a qualified electrician correct the issues.

Mold like stains on supply registers

This can be an indication of an oversized A/C unit that cools to quickly and turns off before removing enough humidity or leaky ducts pulling in hot air from the attic. Either way your going to need an HVAC technician to take a look and a professional duct cleaning service.
Slider #2 Photo explanations
Dryer vents into attic space
Dryers venting into attic is a bad ideal. This photo shows a dryer vent that had come disconnected probable due to lint build up in the dryer vent. Venting a dryer into the attic is a fire hazard. Dryer vents venting into the attic can cause excessive humidly and moisture issues. The photo at the right of the dryer venting into the attic is a photo of the closet area below where dryer vent was venting into the attic. this home was only 1 year old. The closet was full of mold like stains on ceiling and walls. The area had a very high elevated moisture readings. Not only was there a lot of mold like stains it also smelled like mold as soon as you opened the door. Just another interesting and health risk find from this home inspector in Texas. 
Results of dryer venting into the attic
As you can see this is not a very healthy living situation.
Leaking hose bibs
Leaking plumbing valves or plumbing supplies is a lot more common than you may think.
Plumbing drains not supported and suspended.
This home is a pier and beam home and this is what I found under the home during the house inspection. Plumbing supplies not supported or secured. They were also not sloped properly for water to drain correctly. This could cause plumbing backups or drain lines that break apart. Diffidently  call for a plumber if your buying this home.

Don't get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement

HVAC Systems

You need your A/C and heating to work properly. It can cost a lot of money to replace. Check the cost of HVAC replaces here.
HVAC replacement cost

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is expensive to replace and a neglected roof can add additional cost if moisture intrusion has resulted from a leaky roof.  
Roofing materials replacement


What type of plumbing supplies a home has will provide a huge clue at telling you when you may expect to have to replace the plumbing
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Katy flood Plain Map

Make sure the Katy home your buying isn't in the Flood Plain. Check out below

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Texas consumer Notice
Your Katy Home inspection specialist
If you plan on buying a home in Katy Texas it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector. 

Houston's Edge home inspections

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