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One of the most important buying decisions of your lifetime. Make sure to hire one of the best and most experienced home inspectors in Katy TX. I Have performed thousands of home inspections for home buyers since 2009.

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Infrared Thermography inspection

An Infrared Thermography inspection can help find hidden moisture, missing insulation in walls or ceilings, hot spots in the electrical systems, and also find areas of the home revealing areas that potentially contribute to energy loss.

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Zip Level measurements

I use a Zip Level for precise measurements during the foundation inspection. This is the exact tool a structural engineer will use to determine how level the foundation is. I will give you my opinion of how the foundation is performing.

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Welcome, Katy Texas home buyers and Real Estate Agents.

Houston's Edge home inspections LLC helps the home buyer with their property inspection needs. With over 11 years of experience as a licensed professional inspector, you'll know I have the skills to conduct a thorough inspection of the property you plan on as being your future dream home.

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Looking for an experienced professional home inspector in the greater Houston area?

I highly recommend you do your due diligence. Hire an experienced home inspector for one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. I'm a great professional real estate inspector that offers exceptional customer service at a fair price.
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Personal attention by someone who cares about your home's safety

All Katy TX inspections are performed by John Fish Professional inspector license # 10393 performing home inspections since 2009. I'm the owner and perform every detailed  home inspection.
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Katy Texas home inspection Cost

Licensed inspector

Infrared Inspection

Thermal imaging scan of the home is always free with the purchase of a general home inspection service

Zip Level

Best foundation inspection
No Cost
Our zip level measurements of the foundation is free of charge included with the purchase of your home inspection

Professional home inspection service

at fantastic prices
Most companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable inspection fee.
Outstanding Service
Licensed home inspection

inspection services

Pre-Listing  Inspection
Buyers Residential inspections
New construction house inspections
11-month warranty inspections
Visual inspection
Home inspection service

What's the goal of a residential Home inspection

The goal of any inspection company is to provide customers with accurate information about the condition of a property so clients can proceed knowing they have made a smart buying decision.

Standards of practice have been established by the Texas Real Estate Commission know as TREC for short. .
The standards set out areas that must be inspected at a minimum.
Inspector's have to do the minimum, but that shouldn't be an inspector's goal.

I believe real estate professionals should exceed the minimum standards of practice whenever possible.

Our visual inspection

Payment Options

Accept Checks at time of inspection
Cash payments are accepted
Credit Cards

Inspecting  all the major systems


Structural  Inspection

All structural components are inspected as long as they are accessible
Foundation inspection
grading and drainage
Roof inspection
Interior and exterior walls
Interior and exterior ceilings
Porches. Decks, Carports

Electrical inspection

The electrical systems can have shock or fire hazards. It's critical that these systems are inspected carefully for defects.
Service entrance and panels
Branch circuits
Identify hazardous service panels Like
Federal Pacific stab LoK Panels.
Challenger Electrical Panel
Hazardous wiring/ Single stranded aluminum wiring

Plumbing inspection

Looking for leaks , at supplies drains, and hazardous conditions.

Plumbing supplies
Plumbing drains
Water Heaters
Hydro-message therapy equipment
Identify plumbing supplies
Identify old galvanized plumbing supplies
Identify  leaky water heaters
Identify leaking drains
Identify  slow drains

Air conditioning inspection/HVAC Appliances/Sprinkler

A/C that don't cool properly or heating units that don't respond, to hazardous conditions such as improper venting.
Heating units
Cooling equipment
Ducts and vents
Testing appliances
Garbage disposer
Microwave ovens
Range hoods
Cooktop and ovens
Optional systems
Sprinkler systems inspected
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Why our home inspection report is so important to us and the client

Great Code
The report highlights all the details of the outcome of the home inspection. Capturing all the issues in a easy to read report is one of my top priorities.

All Devices
My reports are not only seen by buyers and home sellers, but are also seen by the buyers agent and the sellers agent I have received jobs from my reports. Quality reports get noticed by real estate agents.
White Label
I include many photos in the report for informational purposes and highlighting defects .A commit is great, but a comment with a photo tells the story.I want the client to be able to look a commit and a photo and know exactly what the issue is.

Amazing UI
Thoroughly explaining everything in the inspection reports helps all parties involved. The need to eliminate unnecessary phone calls to explain report findings saves time and effort. I believe the report is an extension of the quality of work I preform. That's why I take the time to do it right.