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Welcome, Cypress Texas home buyers. Houston's Edge home inspections LLC helps home-buyers with there property inspection needs. With over 11 years of experience as a licensed professional inspector, you'll know I have the skills to conduct a thorough inspection of the pre-purchase property you plan on as being your future dream home.

Looking for home inspectors in Cypress. I highly recommend you do your due diligence. Hire the best home inspection company for one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. I'm a great professional real estate inspector that offers exceptional customer service at a fair price.

10 Steps to hire better         

Step 1 of how to hire the best home inspectors in Cypress TX

With over 11 years of experience as a licensed Katy home inspector. After inspecting 1,000"s of homes,, you become very good at your job. Knowing exactly what to look out for to find hidden defects. Nothing trumps years in the business. I would highly recommend hiring an experienced professional home inspector in Houston areas.

Step #2  Take a look at a report of who you intend on hiring.

Exceptionally detailed inspection report.  I take a lot of pride in presenting a quality customized report that exceeds your expectations. My professional thorough  inspection report can't be matched with a company that spits out a report at the end of the inspection.  

Step #3 top-rated online google reviews

5-star Google reviews

I have a great online reputation, and I earn it with one customer at a time.  Great reviews on Google, Thumbtack, and Facebook. I'm top-rated and  you won't be disappointed with my level of expertise and customer service.

Step #4 What kind of equipment does the real estate inspector utilize.

My use of high-tech equipment,, even though the requirements do not require specialized equipment,, I take advantage of technology: high tech moisture meters, zip level, thermal imaging.

Step #5 how much education does your real estate home inspector have?

Endless hours of continuing education. I have continuously gone over the 32 hours of continuing education required every two years.

Step #6 compare price and what's included

I provide a valuable service at an affordable price that includes more than most Houston area inspections. Receiving a quote is easy to click on the link to view a no contact free estimate on our Houston pricing page.

Step # 7 Licensed and insured inspector

Professional licensed by the state of Texas by the Texas Real Estate Commission (Trec)

Step #8 Does the inspector have your best interest in mind?

Integrity and ethics,I promise to always give home buyers or sellers, honest information about the home's condition. It's important that inspections provide buyers with accurate details about the condition or hazardous issues a property may have. Honest results is what
 this business provides

Step 9 reliable inspections

No, matter what area I serve, whether it's Houston, The Woodlands, or Cypress, you can bet I'll be there and be there on time. I strive to answer questions or concerns people may have. If your in need of a real estate inspection scheduling is a breeze.

Step #10 can you trust

Last, but not least reason trustworthy yes I'm a trustworthy residential home inspector in Cypress TX. I will never hold information back from a client. You receive the complete truth doesn't matter how big or small the issue is in the inspection report. I will always do a great job when I inspect and deliver a great inspection report that's a promise.

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Cypress home inspection cost?

Most  home inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Cypress home inspection cost click the button below.

Looking for our home inspection cost in visit here

What our real estate inspections include.

Our home inspections include a full inspection of the property from the foundation to the roof to highlight any deficiencies that was not found in the disclosure. Also thermal imaging and zip level measurements are included with the home inspection for free. I offer more at a competitive rate.

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Step 1

Give me a call 281-770-2773 or fill out a online request form.

Step 2

I'll Take it from here and call listing agent and confirm our desired appointment time.

Step 3

See you on inspection day. it's just that easy.

Serving all areas in and around Houston

 All over Houston and surrounding areas. I can be found inspecting homes from Cypress, Texas to Missouri City, or perhaps in The Woodlands. I serve all zip codes in the greater Houston area and many surroundings areas.

Hey, let's talk about your home inspection report.

A home inspection report is significant for any real estate transaction, and I definitely recommend you review the inspector's report before hiring. My reports are loaded with photos of the inspection findings. I will deliver a customized report within 24 hours of the inspection, most of the time, the next morning. Make sure the inspector delivers a custom report and not a cookie-cutter report delivered onsite.I deliver reports next day by email.In most cases you can expect to receive the report the next morning.

Things I highly recommend before hiring any  professional inspector.

1. The meat and potatoes of any inspection is the report make sure to view any inspection report I would highly recommend it.

2.Check to make sure the Texas inspector is licensed. You can find this information at the Texas Real Estate Commission Website (TREC) all you need is the inspector license # to do a search to see if the license is active or not. Every home inspector has to have their license # listed on their website. My Professional home inspector license # is 10393.

3. Hire experience I know I preach experience because you can't be a professional until you have it. Be sure you're not paying for someone to learn how to inspect a home. It's always a good idea to hire the best you can afford because a great job starts with experience. The best doesn't mean the highest price it means the highest value.

4. Check out the home inspection business reviews in you're areas.

5. If you have a friend that recently bought a home ask them about their home inspection services. If they were impressed with the inspector referrals are always a great resource to ensure you receive a thorough inspection.

What is the goal of  property inspections

The goal of any property inspection is to provide people with accurate information about the condition of a property so clients can proceed with confidence. Standards of practice have been established by the Texas Real Estate Commission know as TREC for short. The standards set out areas that must be inspected at a minimum at the inspection. Inspections have to do the minimum, but that shouldn't be an inspectors goal. The one thing that sets an inspection apart are professionals who exceed the standards. I believe professional home inspection should exceed the minimum standards of practice

TREC Consumer Protection Notice

I'm your inspection specialist

Hello John Fish the business owner here if your buying a home in The Houston area I can help you and you're family out. Let's make sure this investment is right with a thorough home inspection. 

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