Home inspection Cypress TX

Home inspection Cypress TX

Schedule your home inspection Cypress TX with Houston's Edge Home inspections affordable, 5-star Rating, exceptional service and detailed inspection reports.

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John Fish

Professional Inspector

License # 10393

Cypress Texas home inspector

An inspection company is only as good as the professional inspectors that work at the business. That's why at Houston's Edge home inspections you receive a fantastic high level of service every time. The reason is that you will have an experienced residential inspection because I perform every service myself. Hi, my name is John Fish professional Real Estate inspector license #10393. I have been inspecting homes since 2009. Find out if the home you are buying has minor issues or big-ticket Items.
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    Thermal imaging certified
  • INTERNACHI Certified Mobile Home Inspector
    INTERNACHI Certified Deck inspector
Photo of Houston's Edge home inspector John Fish

Thermal Imaging

Don't let

Defects Hide

Thermal Imaging is included with your purchase of a general home inspection.

Thermal imaging can help locate moisture,Thermal imaging can help locate missing insulation, Thermal imaging can help locate fire hazards in the electrical systems, Thermal imaging can help locate fire hazards in the electrical systems.
Learn about thermal imaging scans
Photo of Houston's Edge home inspector John Fish

Zip level

A great Tool

Foundation elevation measurements are included with the home inspection

In addition to the visual foundation, inspection foundation elevation measurements are performed, Zip level measurements can help tell if the foundation is supporting the structure as intended, All foundations have some degree of movement or unlevelness, By using a zip level I can easily determine if the foundation movement is within an acceptable range, A zip level is the same tool used by structural engineers, A stand alone unbias service.
Learn more about Zip Level
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Inspection report


24 hrs

Detailed inspection reports

A company that delivers an Accurate Assessment of the home's true condition in an easy-to-read report, High-quality home evaluations that highlight the findings in a detailed property report, Digital reports delivered to email in a PDF, Delivered in 24 hrs usually next morning, A complete report is a home inspection in writing that documents the current condition of the property.
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Thorough service

Great service starts with the right home inspector. Give me a call I'm the experienced home inspector your looking for to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
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Cypress home inspection reputation

I have grown my business by giving unparalleled service on a single-house basis. I possess an incisive eye for spotting issues in the structure. I will look under every rock to determine the actual state of the home you are anticipating buying. I utilize high-tech instruments that back up my customers with an exhaustive house exam service. I take the building inspection business earnestly and furnish clients with a thorough assessment record. All of this comes at a fair cost. If you are all set to book an inspection or merely want to get more info about the examination process call me up.


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Kara “Josie” U.
"My husband and I are in the process of closing on our first home and John did such a good job inspecting our new house! Very thorough with his inspection! Very happy we went with him"
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Noelle Laughrun
"I have invested in several properties and used Houson's Edge Home Inspections on all of my most recent purchases. John is very trustworthy and his report and is extremely helpful and easy to read! I was able to determine the most important concerns that needed to be addressed easily so that I knew if I was making a good purchase.t"
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"My real estate agent recommended John and highly recommended him. They are very detailed and take time to explain the findings. Very professional and highly recommend them if you are purchasing a home or real estate. Five stars"

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Meeting clients expectations

The Texas Real Estate Commission regulates standards of practice set for professional home inspectors. The Texas Real estate Commission sets the minimum level all inspectors must meet. An inspection with Houston's edge home inspections not only meets TREC's minimum standards of practice I go beyond. I utilize some of the top technology in the home inspection industry during my Cypress inspections. Remember experienced inspectors do it better to make sure you receive the level of service on the financial investiment you deserve. After Houston's edge home inspection you'll be able to move forward and make a confident decision.

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