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I have grown my business by giving unparalleled service on a single-house basis. I possess an incisive eye for spotting issues in the structure.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging scans are included with your purchase of a home inspection service as long as temperatures are favorable..

  • Zip Level

    Foundation evaluation measurements are included with the purchase of a home inspection

  • Technology

    Home buyers benefit from my use of advanced technology along with my extensive home inspection experience.

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Cypress TX home inspection

What is a Home Inspection? Beginners Guide to Understanding Home Inspections

  • Getting a Cypress Tx home inspection done is a step when purchasing a property. It involves examining both the inside and outside of the house to assess its condition identify any dangers and determine necessary repairs. A professional home inspector, who is licensed and experienced carries out this examination. Provides a report of their findings.

    Typically a Cypress Tx home inspection takes place after an offer has been made on the property but before the buyer officially takes ownership. The buyer usually hires an inspector who thoroughly inspects the property visually. During this process, the inspector focuses on components of the house including;

    1. Roof, gutters, and downspouts
    2. Plumbing system including pipes and fixtures
    3. Electrical systems such, as outlets, switches, and visible wiring
    4. HVAC system encompassing air conditioning and heating
    5. Foundation which includes walls, floors, and crawlspaces
    6. Walls, ceilings, floors along with windows and doors
    7. Attic insulation as ventilation
    8. Exterior walls like siding or masonry materials
    9. Garage area, alongside driveway and walkway
    10. Appliances

    Once the inspection is completed by the inspector they generate a report that outlines all aspects of the property’s current condition.
    The report provides information, about any issues, potential dangers, necessary fixes, and suggestions for maintenance. It assists the buyer and real estate agent in comprehending the state of the property. Can be used as a bargaining tool to negotiate repairs or a reduced price.

    To sum up, a home inspection is an assessment of both the inside and outside of a property to assess its overall condition identify possible risks, and determine required repairs. It is a step, in the home-buying process that benefits buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike.

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Understanding Inspection Contingencies: What Homebuyers Need to Know

When you’re, in the process of buying a home it’s quite common for homebuyers to include an inspection contingency as part of their offer. An inspection contingency is basically a clause in the contract that allows you as the buyer to thoroughly inspect the property and negotiate any changes with the seller before finalizing the sale. Here’s some important information for homebuyers regarding inspection contingencies;

Buyer protection through inspections; It’s highly crucial to inspect a property before making a purchase and an inspection contingency grants you the right to conduct inspections. If you find any results this clause allows you to request repairs or back out of the agreement completely.

Time limits on inspection contingencies; Most agreements specify a deadline by which all home inspections must be completed. This serves as protection for sellers ensuring that buyers can’t indefinitely delay the sale process.

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Make an informed decision

Accurate assessment of the property's condition

Providing great services in Cypress as well as Katy and Houston's surrounding areas. I will provide you with an accurate assessment of the property's condition in an easy-to-read inspection report. This way the client has all the important details to make an intelligent decision to purchase the home or negotiate for repairs or possibly just walk away.

  • Documenting defects

    Photo of Houston's Edge home inspector John Fish
  • Evaluating foundation

    Measuring a foundation with a zip level photo
  • Roof inspection

    roof inspection Cypress Tx
  • Checking Moisture

    Moisture damage
  • Thermal Imaging Scans

    Thermal imaging missing insulation
  • Certified inspector


Peace of mind

Comprehensive home inspections

Buyers, sellers, and investors can count on me to provide an excellent property inspection with an outstanding report.

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" My husband and I are in the process of closing on our first home and John did such a good job inspecting our new house! Very thorough with his inspection! Very happy we went with him!"

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"I would Highly Recommend John Fish for home inspections. He is very responsive and on time, reasonable price and thorough with his work. Also detailed reports always come on time."

Veny Widjaja

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"My real estate agent recommended John and highly recommended him. They are very detailed and take time to explain the findings. Very professional and highly recommend them if you are purchasing a home or real estate. Five stars!"


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Get the Facts

What do home inspection reports include?

I view my reports as an advertising billboard shown to multiply potential clients.

The inspection report will include detailed comments along with many photos to help the client visualize the issues or just to let the client know exactly what areas the inspector visited. The buyer's or seller's report will be delivered to their email in a PDF format within 24 hrs in most inspections. The report also highlights the age of certain items like Air conditioners, heating units, and gas or electric water heaters as long as labels are present on the equipment. I treat the inspection report as a showcase of my work. Along with a great real estate inspection I pride myself on the detailed comprehensive report one of the best in the inspection industry. Remember I'm always a phone call a way to discuss any worries or concerns you may have about the property.

Frequently asked questions

A list of some of the questions I get asked most by potential clients.

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  • The foundation inspection is a visual inspection and includes foundation elevation measurements that can be used as benchmark for any feature movement.
  • Grading
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Structure
  • Walls
  • Ceiling and Floors
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Stairways
  • Fireplace
  • Porches, Decks, Carports
  • Service Entrance and pa
  • Branch Circuits
  • Heating Equipment
  • Cooling Equipment
  • Ducts and Vents
  • Plumbing supply system
  • Drains, Waste, Vents
  • Water Heating Equipment
  • Hydro-Message Therapy Equipment
  • Gas Distribution Systems and Gas
  • Dishwasher
  • Disposer
  • Range Hood
  • Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens
  • Microwave
  • Bath Fan
  • Garage door
  • Dryer Vents
  • Sprinklers ( optional)
  • Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot tubs ( optional)
  • Outbuildings ( optional)
  • Water Wells (optional)
  • Septic Tank (optional)
  • Other built-in appliances (optional)


  • Age of home ( year manufactured)
  • Size of home ( SQFT.)
  • Type of foundation ( Pier and beam cost extra)
  • Termite inspection is an additional charge performed by third party licensed termite inspector.
  • Swimming Pool inspection is additional cost performed by third party
  • Septic and well inspection additional cost performed by a third party.
  • Mold inspection not available
  • Asbestos not available
  • Lead paint inspection not available
  • Follow the link for an inspection price

Yes as long as conditions are favorable. An example of poor conditions for an infrared scan is when a home doesn’t have any power or an A/C or heating unit doesn’t heat or cool properly or work at all.

  • Missing Ground Fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s)
  • Poor Drainage around the home
  • Missing carbon monoxide detectors
  • Missing smoke detectors
  • Shingles damaged from tree limbs rubbing roof.
  • Loose receptacles.
  • Ground Fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s) that don’t trip.
  • Arc Fault circuit interrupters (AFCI’s) that are missing or don’t trip or reset.
  • Missing insulation at attic or attic interior walls.
  • Lights not functioning.
  • Missing insulation at plumbing supplies.
  • Air conditioners that don’t cool properly.
  • Windows or doors that need caulking.
  • Self closing hinges missing on attached  interior garage doors.

Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission ( License #10393) Certified InterNachi inspector. Licensed since 2009 over 3,000 homes inspected by me John Fish. Background in roofing and remodeling. Friendly , trustworthy, respectful and courtious.

No I am not a contractor and do not give estimates on the defective items found in the home inspection report. I recommend having your inspection completed early in the inspection option or contigency period. That way you have time to send out a contractor,electrician, roofing contractor, plumber, HVAC technician, appliance specialist to get estimates on repairs or replacement items. There is also a service called repair pricer that can turn the inspection report into an estimate, within 24 hrs if your pressed for time.

I get asked this from time to time. Per the Texas Real Estate Commission home inspectors in order to remain unbias are not allowed to do repairs to a home they have inspected unless it has been over 1 year of the inspection date.

Cypress Inspections

Reasons to Inspect a Home in Cypress TX

Home inspections are an essential step for any homebuyer or homeowner in Cypress, TX. There are several reasons why inspecting a home is so important, and these reasons should not be overlooked. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important reasons to inspect a home in Cypress, TX.

1. Uncover Hidden Problems – Some homebuyers or homeowners may be unaware of hidden problems that could be present in their homes. An inspection can reveal such problems as structural damage, water damage, plumbing or electrical issues, and more.

2. Safety Concerns – An inspection can also uncover safety hazards that could pose a threat to the occupants of the home. This could include toxic materials such as mold or asbestos, or more immediate safety concerns such as faulty wiring, gas leaks, or potential fire hazards.

3. Saves Money – By discovering hidden problems early on, an inspection can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. It can also give you leverage in price negotiations for the property, allowing you to make an informed decision about the true value of the home.

4. Peace of Mind – For homebuyers or homeowners, an inspection provides peace of mind that the home they are purchasing or living in is safe and structurally sound.

5. Meet Legal Requirements – In some cases, a home inspection may be required by law or your lender. Inspections can also help you comply with local safety regulations and building codes to avoid potential penalties or fines.

In conclusion, a home inspection is a crucial step in ensuring the safety, value, and functionality of your home in Cypress, TX. It can uncover hidden problems, identify safety concerns, save you money, provide peace of mind, and even meet legal requirements. When it comes to your home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Top Steps for Homebuyers to Take After a Cypress Tx Home Inspection

Carefully go through the inspection report as a step. Take your time to thoroughly understand and address any problems identified whether they are major or minor. Don’t hesitate to seek clarification by asking questions if needed.

2. Prioritize the issues listed in the inspection report. Not all problems carry the weight so focus on addressing the crucial ones before finalizing the purchase, particularly safety hazards or significant repairs.

3. Engage in negotiations, with the seller regarding repairs based on the findings from the inspection. You can discuss having repairs completed prior to closing or even negotiate a credit that covers the cost of repairs after closing.

4. Consider getting inspections, for any issues discovered during the initial inspection. For instance, if concerns arise about the roof’s condition it might be beneficial to hire a professional who can offer insights and guidance regarding necessary repairs.

5. If the inspection report reveals issues that aren’t being addressed by the seller take a moment to reassess whether proceeding with purchasing is still an option.
Think about whether you’re prepared to handle the required repairs and if the cost of purchasing still remains reasonable considering the needed fixes.