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Home inspection Cypress Tx

Welcome Cypress Texas home buyer you have found the home. Now it's time to find the right home inspector. It has been a long process to get to this point building your credit, saving money for the down payment, and the exhausting hours of looking for a home. So after all your invested time and money just don't hire any old home inspector Cypress Tx. Hire a home inspector in Cypress who will work for you and your family.

A home inspection can provide a home buyer or seller with crucial information about the condition of a home. Weather your a home buyer or seller you can benefit from a Cypress Texas home inspection. The information obtained at the inspection can help the buyer to make a smart decision on the home purchase while pointing out issues to a seller that could be a deal killer. Being able to correct these items before a buyers inspection can save a deal.

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Welcome Cypress Texas home buyer here's an extra service included with your home inspection Cypress Tx that you will rarely see included by any other home inspectors.
A High Quality Home inspection
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Welcome I'm John Fish and I will be the person preforming your home inspection. I'm the only home inspector of the business by choice. The reason is simply. This is the only way one can be self-assured that the service is the highest quality at every home inspection. You as a client are assured that your receiving services from an experienced home inspector. A multi home inspection company employing many home inspectors just can't promise what I can. I have built a good name in the industry and I protect it with my hard work every day.

I will provide you with exceptional service that's my promise to you. No gimmicks I don't add fluff to the service that is worthless adding to the price of your residential home inspection service. I let the service and report speak for themselves.

I will deliver a customized high quality home inspection report that will make it clear what risk may be present. Lean what items to negotiate while in your option period click here.

What's included in with your home inspection Cypress Tx?

Along with your general home inspection service. The inspection includes a thermal imaging scan, foundation zip level measurements and inspection and testing of sprinkler system( sprinkler systems are only tested if water is on and shut off valve is in on position). How much extra do I charge for the additional services? That's a great question. I provide these extra services at no extra cost.. Have questions what areas are inspected by a Cypress Texas home inspector.
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Cypress Texas home inspection cost?

Most Cypress tx home inspection companies don't post their prices online. Houston's edge home inspections post our prices online for transparent pricing. Check out our affordable Cypress home inspection cost click the button below.
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Are you looking for the cheapest home inspector in Cypress Tx
Looking for the cheapest home inspector may not be the best ideal after all the time and hard work you have invested not to mention this being one of your largest investments of your lifetime. Hiring in experienced Cypress home inspector will save you money in the long run. It's important to compare your home inspectors Cypress tx by how much experience they have and what's included in there services. Following this advised will save you a lot of headaches. Ready to schedule your home inspection contact us.

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What's the home inspection report saying about the home your buying?
In my opinion knowing what issues to worry about of what comes up on your home inspection report is one of the most important parts of the whole home buying process. Although I always encourage the home buyer to show up during the home inspection sometimes it's just not possible. I get it people today have very busy schedules.. That's the reason I'm going to explain what issues I would worry about the most. This will help you when it's time to negotiate what items you would like repaired or replaced. Please follow the slides to gain very valuable information that is crucial for any home buyer especially first-time home buyers.

First issues to focus on are safety items found at the home inspection
The majority of safety hazards will be located in the electrical sections of your home inspection report. The type of hazards could be life threatening. There can be electrocution risk along with fire risk. So it's very important that you pay close attention to the defects in this section. Hazards to you and your family trumps all other areas. The negotiation of all safety issues should be your top priority. Make sure you and your family are not another statistic and have these items repaired or replaced.
Now it's time to focus on costly items the home inspector found
The majority of home owners want to focus on cosmetic issues. Unless that's all your home inspection report is made up of than this is not the way to go. If I were buying the home this is exactly what items I would focus on. The roof, foundation, HVAC system, Plumbing, electrical, and any structural failures. If any of these items need repairs or replacement it has the potiential to cost you thousands of dollars.

Cypress Tx home inspection finds

Home inspection defect finds during a home inspections Houston Texas
  • Brick veneer step cracking could be a sign of foundation failure
    Step cracking
    Some cracks are cosmetic and some foundation cracks are structural issues
    Foundation Cracks
    Headwall Flashing that is lifting can lead to moisture penatrating into the homes structure
    Lifting roof flashing
    Squirrels love to chew and damage lead roof boots

    Lead roof boot Flashing

  • Be sure to clean your dyer vents once a year a clogged dryer vent can cause a fire.
    Dryer vent fire hazard
    Flexable gas lines going through a heating unit cabinet can leak due to vibration when heatimng unit is running

    Flexible gas line

    The hazards of combustable vent strapping missing.
    Strapping missing at combustible vents
    Moisture damaged soffit caused from roof leaks and gutter debris


    Moisture damaged soffits and fascia
Slider #1 photo explanations
Step cracks
Commonly know as stair cracking due to the resemblance to stairs. The cracks appear in the mortar of the brick veneer. The mortar is the weakest area of the wall and cracks easier when settlement begins. Stair cracks usually continue to the bottom of the wall. Stair step cracking with cracks wider than a quarter of an inch need to be evaluated by a structural engineer.
Foundation cracks
Not all cracks in the foundation are a concern. Shrinkage cracks and hairline cracks are mostly not a concern , but should be monitored. Separating cracks may need further investigating by a structural engineer. 
Lifting headwall Flashing
Lifting flashing can allow moisture into the structural. This can cause damage to your home and a favorable condition for mold to grow. This inspection defects needs to be address as soon as possible before wind driven rains can enter into the structure of the home.
Lead roof boot flashing
Although this is a good product a common problem with lead roof boot flashing is that squirrels like to chew it. This damages the flashing and can allow moisture to enter at roof vents. 
Slider #2 photo explanation
Fire hazards at dryer vents
Dryer vents often go unnoticed and maintenance  is very important. Most home owners neglect the dryer vents and it is too common to find them clogged with lint. This creates two problems and both issues are serious. The first problem is the dryer vent becomes a fire hazard. and the second can create a moisture issue. Lots of times if the vent becomes so clogged that it can't vent the dryer vent will become disconnected inside the wall or attic. Than all the moist air venting from the dryer either vents into a wall or the attic space. This creates a moisture issue and mold can grow as a result. Dryer vents need to be cleaned and depending on how often depends on how large your family is or how often you do laundry. It is recommended to have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year.
Flexible gas line
Some times during a home inspection Houston tx I find a flexible gas line run through a heating unit cabinet. Flexible gas lines should not be ran through heating unit cabinets. The heating unit can vibrate and damage the flexible gas line causing a gas leak. Instead hard piping is recommend.
Combustible vent strapping
Strapping missing from combustible vents like a gas heater or water heater. This often happens after roof replacement. The roofing replaces the roofing and forgets to re strap combustible vents. This can be a hazardous condition because a lot of times when the roofing lift the vents the vents are out of place especially at the water heater. I have seen this many times the water heater vent is not in place and carbon monoxide is now venting into the attic space. The other issue is when vents are not strapped they can move and break connections disconnecting or moving the vent out of place and cause carbon monoxide to vent into the attic space. It doesn't seem like a big deal ,but it can be a life saver. Many times it's the small things that can save a life.  
Moisture damaged fascia boards and soffits
Fascia boards and soffits can have moisture damage due to a roof that's leaking or over flowing gutters that are full of debris.

Don't get stuck with expensive repairs or replacement

HVAC Systems

You need your A/C and heating to work properly. It can cost a lot of money to replace. Check the cost of HVAC replaces here.
HVAC replacement cost

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is expensive to replace and a neglected roof can add additional cost if moisture intrusion has resulted from a leaky roof.  
Roofing materials replacement


What type of plumbing supplies a home has will provide a huge clue at telling you when you may expect to have to replace the plumbing
Average Plumbing cost re pipping

Harris county Flood plain map

Make sure you hire an experienced home inspector and does foundation measurements because cost could sky rocket if you need repairs.
View the harris county flood plain map
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If you plan on buying a Home in Cypress Texas  it would be wise to hire an experienced home inspector. 

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