How much will a home inspection cost in Houston Tx?

Do you know the average home inspection cost in your area?

Houston home inspection Cost.

Transparent home inspection Pricing ->

My Houston home inspection fees are Transparent posted right here on-site. Find what category the home your buying falls into below and find how much does a home inspection cost. Add $75.00 to the price if the house is a pier and beam foundation.

New home inspection prices click here ->
Home inspection Cost 1

New Construction Prices

Under 2,000 sqft. $275.00

2,000-2,499 sqft. $300.00

2,500-2,999 sqft. $325.00

3,000-3,499 sqft. $350.00

3,500-3,999 sqft. $375.00

4,000-4,299 sqft. $400.00

4,300-4,599 sqft. $425.00

4,600-4,999 sqft $450.00

5,000-5,299 sqft. $475.00

Homes less than 20  years old Click here for price ->
Home inspection Cost 2

Under 2,000 sqft. $300.00

2,000-2,499 sqft. $325.00

2,500-2,999 sqft. $350.00

3,000-3,499 sqft. $375.00

3,500-3,999 sqft. $400.00

4,000-4,299 sqft. $425.00

4,300-4599 sqft $450.00

4,600-4,999 sqft. $475.00

5,000-5299 sqft $500.00

Homes inspection cost for homes over 20 years click here for a price ->
Home inspection cost on home over 20 years old

Under 2,000 sqft. $325.00

2,000-2,499 sqft. $350.00

  1. 2,500-2,999 sqft. $375.00

3,000-3,499 sqft. $400.00

3,500-3,999 sqft. $425.00

4,000-4,299 sqft. $450.00

4,300-4599 sqft. $475.00

4,600-4,999 sqft. $500.00

5,000-5,299 sqft. $525.00

Termite inspections Click for the price -->

A termite inspection is extra but well worth the price to know if there are conducive conditions for termites or were termites present. Most termite inspections are $120.00 and are performed by a third party. I can set up an appointment for the same time as the scheduled inspection.

Pool Inspections Click for a price -->

It's important to know what services are extra; each home inspection company is different. When a swimming pool is present I have a third party inspect the pool. The reason is it puts my focus on the home, and I can go months without inspecting a home with a pool present. I want you to have the best, so I prefer a fulltime out the pool inspection. The company I use is fantastic. The average cost of there service is $150.00. When scheduling the pool inspection, I will provide you with a contact number.

Home inspection cost will depend on what?

The expenses of a Houston home inspection cost depend on whom you hire? Click to learn more -->

Expect to pay more for an experienced inspector. In my opinion, it’s money well spent to have a qualified inspector inspect the home you have an offer on. Click to learn more -->

How do I calculate the cost of the home inspection? Click to learn more -->

I charge by square footage and what year the home was built. Older homes cost more to inspect. The reason is a high percentage of the time there are more defects Click to learn more -->

The Square Footage of the home. Click to learn more -->

Depending on the size of a home, the price will increase. The larger the square footage, the longer it will take your inspector to cover all required areas. The inspection that will be the most expensive for any home in the home buying market will be an older home combined with a vast amount of square footage. These types of homes over 4,000 square feet plus will take up a considerable amount of time, gathering all the details of the home systems. Typical for these types of homes to have over two air condensing systems, heating units, water heaters, electrical panels, and other areas. A custom detailed inspection report will take a considerable amount of time. The main conclusion is to expect a more significant expense when having these types of homes inspected. Click to learn more -->

The age of the home. Click to learn more -->

The age of the home will also determine the price. Older homes can slow down the home inspection process. The truth is that the older the house is, the higher the chances are that the home has more defects. Homes with more defects adds time to the inspection process and the report writing. Click to learn more -->

The average cost of my home inspections.

My average home inspection cost is about $350.00; these are homes above 2,000 square feet. My minimum home inspection fee is $275.00, no matter how small the house may be.

How I provide the fairest pricing in the home inspection industry. Click to learn more -->

I break my inspection prices down into different categories. All homes are not equal. Homes should be evaluated by how much time it may take to do the on-site evaluation and to produce the Report. That’s precisely how I price the house accordingly. For example, should a newly constructed home with the same square footage cost the same price? The time in a home and the report time should determine the home inspection cost. That’s why my newer homes are cheaper to inspect passing down the savings to the client as it should be. The harder I have to work, the more the home inspection cost should be. After being in the business for ten years as a professional home inspector, you know how to charge a fair fee. Click to learn more -->

I'm one of the few home inspectors that post prices right on the website. Click to learn more -->

I make it convenient to compare home inspection prices. Make sure to compare my services that are included in the inspection, and you'll see that I'm the most affordable home inspector in Houston, Texas. Like to share my home inspection price list. Find out how much home inspection cost in Houston, Texas.

Since most of the pricing you can find available online is mostly national home inspection cost, I made a price comparison of local Houston home inspectors. Below is the results of what you can expect to pay in Houston and the surrounding areas.                                               I also included what each of the home inspection companies included. Finding out what's included is very important. So just don't shop for price. Make sure to compare services to find the best value. After all, homes are expensive, and it's vital to hire the right home inspector. These price quotes are for homes that were 2,300 Square Feet and built no later than 2010. Click to learn more -->
Company A
Company B


A Home inspection includes infrared/ thermal imaging, termite inspection, Drone roof inspection.



It only included a General home inspection service.

Company C
Company D


Home inspection included Thermal imaging/infrared, drone roof inspection.



Home inspection included thermal imaging/infrared.

Company E
Company F


General home inspection thermal imaging / infrared included.



Residential Home inspection thermal imaging/infrared included.

Company G
Company H


Home inspection with infrared/ thermal imaging included.


A Houston home inspection price with thermal imaging/infrared.

Company i
Company J


Thermal imaging included with the home inspection.



Thermal imaging along with drone roof inspection included with the home inspection.

Our home inspection cost

My price


My home inspection services include Thermal imaging/infrared and zip level foundation measurements. Best value in Houston Texas for the money

Cheap home inspector money, growing, grow

Why hiring the cheapest home inspector should not be your primary concern?

Homes are costly, and the buyers should always try to hire the best inspector that they can afford.

Cheap home inspector money, growing, grow

Quality home inspectors

Will showcase there works on their website so it will be effortless to obtain a report if the report is not easily accessible, then you should move on in your search to find a professional home inspector.

With so much on the line, save yourself the headache; this is not the time to learn a hard lesson.

Please make sure the inspector you hire is experienced; that's the best advice I can give any home buyer.

You don't have to get the most expensive

Average home inspection cost puzzle, money, business

why not seek out a cheap Houston home inspector.

The main reason is that the best home inspectors demand a higher dollar. Just like with any job, the longer you do it, the more competent you become at your job. Everyone has to start somewhere to drive business. It’s just what new home inspectors have to do. The problem is if your looking for a high-quality Report, it’s not going to happen with a new home inspector. Let me put it to you this way; they're learning their job on your dollar.

Call for your hassle-free quote today


I would love the opportunity to prove to you that I'm one of the best home inspectors in the greater Houston area and earn your trust and favor. If you hire me, you will see just how valuable and exceptional my services are. Like to find out the home inspection cost in Houston, let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you.

All general home inspections include Zip level measurements and thermal imaging scans.

Questions to ask before you hire that home inspection company.

Make sure they have a licensed from the Texas Real Estate Commission. My license number is 10393, and I've been inspecting homes full time since 2009. The lower the inspector's license number, the longer they have been inspecting homes in most cases.

Check out the inspector's report. See what type of detail is included. One of the best ways to evaluate a poor inspector to a great inspector. All the work and time is in the report if it's custom and very informative.

Find out if there are any special services are included with your general home inspection. See which home inspectors stand out from the rest. Including valuable services at no additional cost should figure into your final decision.

One of the most significant factors to determine what professional you are going to employ should be their experience.

Home-inspection-check-list should be completed before scheduling.

You must have an executed contract on the home before scheduling a home inspection service.

All the utilities need to be on at the property.

The electrical panel needs to be accessible to your inspector.

All areas of the home should be accessible.

Attic access areas should be accessible.

Before scheduling make sure your realtor reaches out to the selling agent to make sure the home complies with this list.

Since option periods are usually only 7-10 days, it is a good idea to get put on the inspection calendar as quickly as possible. Excellent home inspectors are quite busy scheduling your inspection can ensure you get your first choice home inspector.

What’s inspected during a home inspection?

Structural components.

Foundation, Grading, Roofing materials, Roof structure, Walls, Ceilings & Floors, Doors, Windows, Stairways, Fireplaces, Porches, Decks, & Carports

Electrical Systems

Service entrance & Panels , Branch circuits. Special notes, if water and electricity are off when the inspector arrives, there will be a $75.00 Trip charge, and inspection will have to be rescheduled.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems

Heating &Cooling equipment Ducts and Vents

Plumbing supply systems

  1. Plumbing supply systems, Drains, waste, & Vents , Water heater equipment , Hydro- message Therapy equipment. Plumbing systems Note plumbing systems can not be properly inspected and tested if the water is off or valves are turned off.


Note washer, dryers, and refrigerators are not included.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are inspected at no additional charge as long as valves are on, and water is on.

What are home buyers most FAQ about home inspections?

The top question is always, how much does the home inspection cost? Click to read more ->

I get it. it’s essential to know how much the home inspection service will cost you. As far as importance, it falls way down the totem pole as a top priority for hiring a home inspector. Home inspectors have a different skill level that will show up in the quality of the Report. Some inspectors may have just started getting there feet wet. Some may have many years of experience providing you with vast knowledge and produce a outstanding service and impressive Report. You may even find an inspector that includes additional service that are included along with years of experience. That’s what I offer years of experience along with extra services included, and you would think I would be the most expensive. Well, that’s just not true; my pricing is very reasonable and provides an excellent benefit for any home buyer in need of my services.

What happens if the home fails the inspection?  Click to read more   ->

A misconception by home buyers. A home inspection doesn’t fail a home or pass a home. It gives information to a home buyer of the condition of the property so the buyer can make the smartest buying decision. I provide and arm you with the information so you can determine if the home is a good deal. After the inspection, you may find that you may need to negotiate due to unknown issues that require repair or replacement. When your home inspector just saves you a lot of money, and you know the real value of the home inspection. What’s inspected during a home inspection well, I’ve covered this above under what’s inspected. Basically, the structural and mechanical parts of the home are inspected.

Does the home inspector take apart mechanical equipment? Click to read more ->

No besides removing covers on electrical panels, heating units, water heaters, Plumbing access panels, Hydro-massage therapy tubs, etc. The inspector only evaluates the home visually and is not allowed to do any type of destructive inspection. The inspector may have advanced inspection tools to help perform his or her job at a higher level but won’t be taking apart your HVAC systems. Your inspector has regulations that must be followed set in place by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

What's inspected? Click to

during a home inspection, well, I’ve covered this above under what’s inspected. Basically, the structural and mechanical parts of the home are inspected.

Do you perform termite inspections for free?

No, I have a third party performed the termite inspection. That way, I can focus my investigation on the home. I believe you will find that my inspection cost to be less expensive than those providing free termite inspections. The question becomes are they already priced into the competitions price. By the time you add up everything, you will find that with the services I provide, you end up saving money.

Do you inspect pools?

No, once again, I have a third party do the pool inspection, usually, Texas sun pools when the home is in there service area. They do an outstanding pool inspection. They also provide cost estimates for defective items they find, which is very handy.

Can I attend the home inspection?

Heck yeah! I encourage you to attend your home inspection. If I were a home buyer, I would be concerned if the home inspector wouldn’t allow me to be present at the inspection. This is your chance to learn about the home your buying first hand. If you follow me, I will point out the issues uncovered as I go through the house.

Why don't you produce a report on-site?

I focus all my attention on the home at the inspection. After that, I write any custom comments that are needed providing each home with a custom report. No home is the same, and specific commits are necessary to enhance any home inspection report. All the work is in the customized home commits, producing a unique, informative report for each home inspection.

Do you inspect sprinkler systems and how much do you charge?

Yes, I do inspect the sprinkler system. I test the system as long as the sprinkler shut-off valve is on. If not, then the sprinklers are not Checked, I will not operate any shut off valves due to the risk of leaking after operating. The cost is included in your general home inspection, so theirs no additional fee’s involved.

Do you walk the roof?

Yes, when it can safely be walked. I’m a big believer in walking the roof, but there are times when it’s not safe to do so. If,in the home inspector's opinion, the roof is too steep. Then it's evaluated from the ground or ladder. I also only walk a two-story roof when it can be accessed from one story area. Coming soon, I will be optimizing the use of a drone when it is within the FAA guidelines to do so.

Does a zip level help when evaluating the foundation?

Yes, any extra information on the foundation is a help. The added measurements help me evaluate my opinion on the homes that appear to be borderline. The service is performed at the end of the inspection. At that point, I have already pretty much determined my opinion about how the foundation is functioning. It’s like an added layer to back up my opinion.

Should I forfeit the home inspection if the sale is as is?

No, the inspection could uncover a costly item that, if you knew about, you would not have purchased the house. Don’t be stuck with a home with repairs that you were unaware of costing you thousands of dollars. It’s an excellent idea always to have an inspection done on a property your purchasing no matter the circumstances. Please don’t be one of those horror stories we hear about wishing you had a home inspection performed.

Who pays for the home inspection?

The home buyer pays unless there has been something special worked out. I have any received payments from home buyers. It’s also up to the buyer to schedule the inspection service.

How long does a home inspection take?

The average time of a home is about 3 hours. This number is not set in stone; many factors can either cause the time to go over or under the expected time. What adds time to a home inspection? More extensive square footage will increase the inspection time. Age will also, in most cases, increase the time of the investigation of the home even if the house doesn’t have significant square footage. The more defects uncovered during the home inspection, the longer the review will take. Smaller homes will take less time to inspect under 2,000 sqft. If not, an older home will take less than 3 hours in most home inspections.

When should the home inspection be scheduled?

When there is an executed contract on the home by the buyer, it’s a good idea if you know you're getting ready to submit an offer to start to evaluate inspectors so you can determine whom you're going to hire. Good home inspectors are busy most of the year, so getting on their schedule in advance is a must since the option period is short. You never know what may turn up in the home inspection Report, so having time to have it investigated by other professionals and obtain estimates will give you real negotiating value.

Why are home inspections so expensive?

Not true if you take into account how much money a home inspection can save you. If a defect is discovered at just one major, area it can save the home buyer money justifying the price of the home inspection. Most home inspections easily pay the amount off. They are making a home inspection a bargain.

Does a home inspection include mold testing?

No, Unless the inspector includes mold testing as part of there inspection services. If your home inspector includes this as their home inspection services, then they need to be certified and licensed to test for mold. A home inspector may recommend testing if a mold like stains are present, mold smells, or conditions conducive for mold growth. I have a third party mold inspector to perform a mold inspection if the client request.

Should I have a newly constructed home inspected?

Yes, Newly constructed homes will probably have fewer defects, but it is not uncommon to find many issues at a home that was just built. In some instances, major flaws will be uncovered and safety issues. I recommend a home inspection on any type of house you buy.

How long have you been inspecting homes?

I have been a licensed home inspector in Texas since 2009 inspection homes for the last ten years as a full-time home inspector. My licensed # is 10393 Professional home inspector John Junior Fish.

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