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  • Homes SQFT.

    Required field #1 you must pick the square footage of the home from a drop down list.

  • Year built

    Pick or type in the manufactured year of the home you plan on buying. Note after 1974 you will need to type year into search on drop down list.

  • Foundation type

    Choose the type of foundation of the home from the drop down list. The rest of the fields are optional

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    Fill out options for the square footage of the home, the year the home was built, if a pool needs to be inspected, type of foundation. Termite inspection, septic, and well inspection. After you fill in all the details you will receive a no-call, or contact home inspection estimate on the spot pricing. Note if information and options are not accurately selected this price will not apply. Make sure to fill out details accurately to receive the right estimate for your home inspection. Once you have your estimate save it or print it tell me you got the estimate with my price calculator and i'll give you a $10.00 discount. Just email me a copy of the instant price quote.
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    How to figure out the price of our inspection services?

    Home inspections start out at $300.00 this is the minimum price. Homes under 1,500 square feet and no older than 2018. Home buyers should expect to pay $350.00 to $450.00 dollars for an average home in the Houston Metro area.

    1. Home inspectors charge by the homes square footage.
    2. Home buyers should expect to pay more for an inspection on an older the home is.
    3. What type of foundation the home has. Home inspectors charge more to inspect pier and beam foundations than to inspect a slab foundation.
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    Manufactured year Pricing tiers

    Find the additional cost for manufactured year tiers below than add to price of the Square Footage tier.

    What type of foundation does the home have?

    If the home your buying has a pier and beam foundation add an additional $100.00 to the cost of the inspection

    Pre-listing sellers inspection
    Photo of a home Cypress foundation

    Termite inspections preformed by 3rd party

    Termite inspections

    Termite inspections are $130.00 to $150.00 depending on square footage and type of inspections under 5,000 Square Feet. Call for qoutes on homes that are over 5,000.

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    Pool and spas inspected by a 3rd party

    Swimming pool inspections

    Pool and spa inspections start out at $150.00