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Foundation elevation survey performed with a zip level included with every home inspection service.

Foundation Elevation Measurements are the process of measuring the elevation of a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation. I set a zero-degree reference point and record the differences throughout the home. The floor elevation survey is recorded in the foundation section of your home inspection report.

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Foundation issues know before you buy.

During the foundation inspection, I take pictures of cracks and other damages, documenting and collecting detailed notes to document the behavior of the foundation slab before your inspection option period expires.

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What is a Foundation Elevation Survey?

The purpose of a foundation elevation survey is to evaluate the disparity in elevation across a building’s foundation. To initiate the survey, a zero point or a reference point is first established before taking any readings. Subsequently, elevation assessments are conducted at different locations within the structure to determine the level of alignment with the base point, whether it is above or below. A zip level is usually used to measure the levelness of the foundation. However, it’s crucial to note that checking the floor elevation readings alone by a home inspector cannot quantify the magnitude of foundation movement; this would require benchmark readings for comparison to identify any such changes. This is because finished floor elevations are often not entirely level when the home was constructed.

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A Visual Inspection by an Inspector is still Essential Despite the Use of Foundation Elevation Measurements.

The Floor Elevation Survey conducted by Houston’s Edge home inspections is included along with the visual inspection of the foundation. Elevation differences are not a substitute for a visual inspection. The foundation elevation measurements are just additional information.

It is important to note that I am not a licensed professional engineer, and therefore cannot definitively tell you the condition of your foundation or recommend any repairs to it. As a professional inspector, I am required to give clients my opinion on the performance of the foundation. Additionally, there are no objective standards for determining when a foundation has passed or failed its inspection, so results from our surveys should not be used as a means for making judgment calls on whether repair work is necessary. If a more in-depth evaluation needs to be done on the condition of your foundation, you will need to contact a licensed engineer who specializes in foundations.

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What is The Ideal Way for a Home Inspector to Utilize Foundation Measurements?

The best way an inspector can use the foundation elevation measurements for their home-buying clients is it provides a benchmark. By having a benchmark, you can quickly determine whether the foundation has shifted or moved significantly from its initial measurement. You can compare the current foundation elevation with your initial measurements to confirm whether there is any evidence of movement that would warrant a call to a  structural engineer or foundation repair company. It’s important for home inspectors to understand that this is not a magical device that’s going to tell you if the structure has failed or passed. Our job is to offer an opinion on the performance of the foundation based on our visual inspection. After all most home inspectors do not have the knowledge or hold an engineering license. I love the zip level but know my limitations and feel it’s a great tool and provides my clients with a benchmark that can be compared for future movement.