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Foundation elevation survey performed with a zip level included with every home inspection service.

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Foundation Elevation Measurements are the process of measuring the elevation of a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation. I set a zero-degree reference point and record the differences throughout the home. The floor elevation survey is recorded in the foundation section of your home inspection report.
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Foundation issues know before you buy.

During the foundation inspection, I take pictures of cracks and other damages, documenting and collecting detailed notes to document the behavior of the foundation slab before your inspection option period expires.
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One of the  most useful  tools Zip Level

Knowing the truth about the foundation is priceless

I'm not a structural engineer, but I have the training and experience to look for signs of foundation movement. Finding structural damage is crucial. Foundation cracks floors that slope, cracks in the drywall above doors and windows can all be signs. .

Make sure your inspector includes this type of service

I go the extra mile for my clients and conduct a foundation elevation survey to check for floor levelness I also recommend a structural engineer if foundation repair is needed

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Real inspection  value

If you're ever going to buy a home, it's important to know what the foundation elevation is at your potential purchase. Leveled homes will not have shifting settling or worse cracks in home foundations. This simple but powerful tool I use every time I go on a home inspection is a precision Zip level.
The foundation performance is important to know before buying a home in Houston and surrounding areas due to our expansive soil conditions. That's why I include it with every home inspection I perform.
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Most home inspectors do not include a foundation survey. The ones that do usually charge an extra fee of around $150.00 dollars. I refuse to have a tool in my toolbox that's not being used. Don't let a foundation issue be your problem have the home's foundation measured and visually inspected from the foundation wall to the floor slab.
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