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Why I’m your best Cypress Home inspection choice ?

Experience is king  -->                                         

Nothing beats experience. Make sure your not paying someone to learn how to inspect a home on your dollar. Get yourself an experienced home inspector to expose as many potential issues the home may have.


Always there for you. I'll be there to answer any questions or concerns you have about the home.

Reports customized to each home

All homes are unique. That's why I take the time to create hand crafted comments to fit the home because not all prewritten comments will describe the issue accurately. Taking the extra time describing the issues makes all the difference. This saves you time and eliminates the back and forth on the phone with the inspector. This is why i deliver the report the next day usually next morning. You will appreciate added details included in my home inspection reports.

Thermal Imaging included

Thermal imaging can exposed invisible items that can't be seen with the eye. What kinds of defects can be discovered with thermal imaging. Missing insulation, Moisture intrusion, Electrical hot spots.

Foundation measurements included

Making sure your foundation is preforming properly is a high priority. That's why I take foundation measurements using a precision zip level. I'm always going the extra step giving my clients my best each and every home.

What’s inspected by your Cypress Area home inspector?

Structure   Components Click boxes to read more                              

These are all the items that make up the structure of your home. Foundation,walls,ceilings,attic, framing,windows, doors, roofing materials and more.


The service panel and branch circuits. I start out inspected the service panel. Identify the service and branch circuit wiring type. Wiring types for service feeders will be either Aluminum multi stranded or copper. For the branch circuits it will be either Aluminum or copper as well. The difference is if the branch circuits have single stranded aluminum wiring than a certified electrician is recommended because of the fire hazard potential associated with aluminum wiring also important to not insurance is higher and difficult to find.

The inspector will identify what type of service meaning is the service over head or under ground.

The inspector identifies what type of service panel is present.

Note sometimes on older homes I come across some service panels that are know for shock or fire hazards below are the type of service panels to look out for I always recommend these types of panels to be replaced.


Supplies and drains


Air conditioning (A/C) , Heating unit, and Ducts


Dishwashers, Cook tops, Ovens, Garbage disposals, Microwave, Exhaust fans, Dryer Vents,Garage doors and openers,

How much is a home inspection in Cypress cost?

How much does a home inspection cost in Houston tx.

The cost of a home inspection varies depending on Square Footage and year built. My home inspections are priced fairly taken into consideration the age and square footage of the home. I provide inspection prices on my website for your convenience. Most Houston home inspector you have to call or email to receive a quote. I make it easy for any potential client to get a price quote. Go down to last category in this section and open and click button for your Houston home inspection quote.

New Construction Home inspection cost

I price accordingly and new homes pricing is cheaper than other home inspections. Click button to view home inspection price list.

Home inspection cost on homes less than 20 years old.

Homes that are less than 20 years are a a little more than new construction home.

Home inspection cost of homes older than 20 years get a 

Check out our the pricing for homes older than 20 years old

Click here to view the cost of a Houston home inspection services

Click button to view a price chart for your hassle free quote.

Cypress Texas #1 home inspection service excellent reports.

 Welcome Cypress Texas home buyer you have found the home. Now it's time to find the right home inspector. It has been a long process to get to this point building your credit, saving money for the down payment, and the exhausting hours of looking for a home. So after all your invested time and money just don't hire any old Cypress home inspector. Hire a home inspector who will work for you and your family.

A home inspection can provide a home buyer or seller with crucial information about the condition of a home. Weather your a home buyer or seller you can benefit from an home inspection service. The information obtained at the inspection can help the buyer to make a smart decision on the home purchase while pointing out issues to a seller that could be a deal killer. Being able to correct these items before a buyers inspection can save a deal.

What's included in your Cypress Texas home inspection and home inspection cost?

Along with your general home inspection service. The inspection includes a thermal imaging scan, foundation zip level measurements and inspection and testing of sprinkler system( sprinkler systems are only tested if water is on and shut off valve is in on position). How much extra do I charge for the additional services? That's a great question. I provide these extra services at no extra cost.. Have questions what areas are inspected by a Cypress Texas home inspector click the link and find out.

Looking for the cheapest home inspector may not be the best ideal after all the time and hard work you have invested not to mention this being one of your largest investments of your lifetime. Hiring in experienced home inspection will save you money in the long run. It's important to compare home inspectors by how much experience they have and what's included in there services. Following this advised will save you a lot of headaches. Ready to schedule your home inspection contact us.

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I provide service for all Cypress Texas areas

Here are some of the top neighborhoods in Cypress.



Towne Lake

Towne Lake.

Cypress Creek Lakes

Cypress Creek lakes

Black Horse Ranch

Black Horse Ranch

I enjoy serving the Cypress Texas area and all the beautiful neighborhoods Cypress has to offer. Like to lean more about services and general home inspection information click here.

What's the home inspection report saying about the home your buying?

In my opinion knowing what issues to worry about of what comes up on your home inspection report is one of the most important parts of the whole home buying process. Although I always encourage the home buyer to show up during the home inspection sometimes it's just not possible. I get it people today have very busy schedules.. That's the reason I'm going to explain what issues I would worry about the most. This will help you when it's time to negotiate what items you would like repaired or replaced. Please follow the slides to gain very valuable information that is crucial for any home buyer especially first time home buyers.

First issues to focus on are safety hazards.

The majority of safety hazards will be located in the electrical sections of your home inspection report. The type of hazards could be life threatening. There can be electrocution risk along with fire risk. So it's very important that you pay close attention to the defects in this section. Hazards to you and your family trumps all other areas. The negotiation of all safety issues should be your top priority. Make sure you and your family are nor another satistic and have these items repaired or replaced.

Now it's time to focus on costly items

The majority of home owners want to focus on cosmetic issues. Unless that's all your home inspection report is made up of than this is not the way to go. If I were buying the home this is exactly what items I would focus on. The roof, foundation, HVAC system, Plumbing, electrical, and any structural failures. If any of these items need repairs or replacement it has the potiential to cost you thousands of dollars.

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What you receive when you hire me as your local Cypress home inspector ?

Reports delivered within 24 hours usually next morning?

Personalized service from the owner. I perform every home inspection.

Trusted, accurate home inspections from an experienced home inspector.

Great payment options. You can pay online or pay in person. I accept cash, checks, credit and debit.

Customized reports generated just for the home.

Patience to explain all the important details. Informing you of any potential buying risk is at the top of my Houston home inspection list.

Using technology to uncover issues that would have not been detected with the naked eye.

Customer satisfaction is important. I'm highly rated on Google, Facebook and thumbtack.

Flexible scheduling serving Houston and surrounding areas for your convenience