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Buyers inspection

The home buyer's inspection is exactly what it sounds like it's an inspection performed by a licensed home inspector on a property you have agreed to purchase also known as a purchase agreement.

The buying process

Potential buyers put in an offer and a purchase contract that they agree to buy a home. As a home buyer, it's important to protect yourself and have a home inspection contingency added to the real estate contract. This protects the buyers because the home purchase is contingent on the results of the home inspection report. This allows the buyer to negotiate repairs, sales price or cancel the contract based on the results of the inspection. The contingency only always buyers a certain amount of time to have the home inspection performed usually 5-7 days in a hot real estate market. It's recommended that a buyer have the inspection performed early in the option period to allow for time in case the inspector recommends qualified tradesmen like electricians, plumbers, structural engineers, etc to give estimates for repairs or replacement if major defects are uncovered during the inspection process. The inspector may also recommend additional inspections especially if safety issues are found or water damage.

What's a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of Structural Components, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, HVAC Systems, and appliances. The inspection is non-invasive and usually performed for a home buyer and sometimes for a seller which is called a pre-inspection. The professional home inspector will document all of the findings in an inspection report. The inspection report will include minor issues or issues that may need a major repair. Detailed inspections can warn a buyer of potential issues they may not have been aware of like plumbing issues, structural issues, to deal-breaking issues. Home inspectors in Texas must follow the standards of practice by the Texas Real estate commission.

How are home inspections priced?

Most inspection companies price by Square Footage of the home. What year the home was built, and what mileage the inspector must travel to reach home to be inspected? This is for single-family dwellings and not multi-unit homes which would add to the cost. Some inspectors charge extra for additional services they offer like foundation elevation measurements or to inspect the sprinkler system. To get an accurate price have this information handy.

What's the average cost of a home inspection in Houston and surrounding areas?

The average cost of an average 2,100 SQ.FT. home built in 2015 in our area can vary from $300.00 - $500.00. Expect to pay more for an experienced professional home inspection. In my opinion, this is not a time to skimp on price. An experienced home inspector will be well worth the money.

Types of additional inspections that may be recommended.

Your home inspector may recommend additional inspections if major issues are found.
If moisture damage, mold-like stains, and musty smells are found at the home the professional home inspector may recommend a mold inspection.
If electrical issues are found like safety hazards, faulty wiring, or fire hazards like aluminum wiring or known hazardous service panels an electrical inspection may be recommended by a licensed electrician.
If the home inspector feels there are foundation issues a structural engineer may be recommended.
There may be conducive conditions at the home for termites and a termite inspection may be recommended.
The current condition of the roofing materials may be poor or have potential trouble spots that require a roofing contractor to evaluate.
If a septic tank is present the system should be inspected.
If the air conditioning system is'nt cooling properly an HVAC technician would be recommended.

Critical talking points.

Home inspections are important for any home buyer whether you are an experienced Real estate investor or a first-time home buyer. Finding a home without a long list of costly repairs or dangerous hazards should be your buying goal. Be sure to hire carefully or the home you buy might just need tons of future repairs you weren't expecting.
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