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Are you throwing money away?

Are you throwing money away or is it worst?

What issues could be found with infrared

During a home inspection many problems can be detected with a thermal imaging scan. Some can affect your comfort, safety, or the home overtime.

What safety issues could be found with thermal imaging? 

A thermal imaging scan can expose electrical hot spots. From overheated wiring, breakers, receptacles, light fixtures, ceiling fans, mechanical equipment. A thermal imaging scan of the home is a must. The first sign of electrical components failing is excessive heat, and thermal imaging scans is the best way to detect these issues.

Detect moisture issues.

Thermal imaging is also a great way to detect moisture. The moisture could be from plumbing supplies , plumbing drains, roof leaks, water intrusion from poor drainage, moisture intrusion from walls, moisture intrusion from windows and doors. All these issues can lead to the deterioration of your home, and provides conducive conditions for mold growth. Detecting leaks early can save a home owner or buyer money and health concerns associated with mold.

Leaking ducts can affect your comfort and your wallet. If you have ducts leaking in your attic space than it’s costing you money to cool or heat your home. Don’t heat or cool your attic space throwing money away and reducing your level of comfort in your home. Although some leaks can be obvious some may be harder to locate that’s why it’s important to hire a home inspector that uses the most advanced tools such as infrared which makes it easy to locate these problem areas. Check out some photos below of some leaks that were discovered at a Houston Texas home inspection with the use of infrared thermal imaging camera.there were a lot of leaks discovered during this inspection at the unit and at supply ducts. The effect of all the air leaking into the attic was very weak air flow at many of the supply registers or no air flow at all. Although this inspection was performed in the spring and the house was not uncomfortable at the time of the inspection. Once the Houston summer kicks in the house would have been very uncomfortable.The cost of cooling the attic space would have increased there electric bill significantly and increased the wear and tear on the unit causing it to run much longer and of course repairing the leaks and some of the supply ducts would have been an extra expense for the buyer. Don’t trust your home to any old home inspector have a quality home inspector inspect your home you never know what may be hiding. Houston’s Edge Home Inspections is always there for you.APRIL 6, 2015

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