Are home inspections more advanced today?

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How advanced are home inspections compared to 20 years ago?

Taking home inspections to the next level with Technology. Looking for an advanced Houston home inspector? Well today the home inspection industry can deliver just what your looking for. In the past this wasn’t the case. A lot of today's home inspectors have embraced the advanced tools into there home inspection services. Is a home inspector an advanced just because they own expensive advance tools? No, just because you carry around expensive tools doesn't make you a more advanced home inspector.

So what makes a home inspector more advanced?


It takes experience. Experienced home inspectors can catch many defects even before they pick up a tool and that only comes with performing many home inspection. An advanced home inspection always starts here.


Inspectors are required to meet a certain amount of continuing education every year. The longer someone has been inspector the more education and certifications an inspector will acquire overtime. This will show up in the home inspection. Home inspectors tools can be vary high tech. The knowledge and the right education takes advantage of the full capabilities of any advanced device your home inspector may carry. Having certifications helps also. Like infrared certifications educate the home inspector how to unlock the full potential out of the equipment.

The drive

The willingness to be more than average. If a home inspector has the right drive they can become exceptional at there job. If not than they may be average or perform poorly.


Tools can help tremendously. With the the right training to operate the tool to it's max potential. More defects can be uncovered by your home inspector. Without the additional training a tool is just a tool and can cause different problems if not used properly.

Below is a list of the type of tools an advanced home inspector would use to carry out this type of home inspection.
Thermal imaging camera

which can detect temperature variations and uncover all types of issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are used to determine if a suspicious area has elevated levels of moisture. There are different types of moisture meters , but home inspections use a non invasive moisture meter. The reason is because a probing moisture meter would cause damage and a home inspector is not allowed to damage the property.

Zip Level

Zip level are used for measuring the levelness of the foundation or drainage patterns.


Arial Drones for those hard to access roof areas. You can know safely evaluate these types of areas with ease.

Crawl space drones for those tight spots under a pier and beam foundation home.

The home inspection industry has come along way in Texas since it's early days.

Some reasons for the changes has been states regulating the industry and creating a standard of practice. This defines all areas that must be inspected and the minimum standards of practice that must be followed by a home inspector.

Now home inspectors must have a state license to perform home inspections in Texas. The state also requires inspectors to complete so many hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew a home inspectors license. This increases the knowledge of a home inspector and a better understanding of how a home functions.

Also home inspectors must Carrie E. O. insurance Errors and Omissions this protects the client.

Until 1985 there were no requirements for home inspectors. Texas was the first state to implement licensing in 1985 and after Texas other states began exploring licensing of the home inspector.

Many home inspectors are members of national organizations also which Carrie a higher standard of practice and usually require more education to be a member. Some of the top organizations are International Association of certified home inspectors ( internachi) , American society of home inspectors(ASHI), The National Association of Home inspectors(NAHI) and there are many more.

All the above reasons have raised the bar in the home inspection industry providing the client with a more reliable and consistent home inspection.

The home inspection industry has come along way from pencil and paper. Today's inspections feature computer generated reports with detailed comments and photos inserted in the reports and sometimes videos. The home inspector still offering check list reports with a few comments hand written into the report with a pencil are becoming extinct. Clients now have an easy to read computer generated report. The report software available is becoming better and better. There is even voice to text commend home inspection software now making it easier to produce these high quality detailed reports.

More and more home inspectors are turning to technology in the tools they use. Now being able to discover moisture issues without evidence, overheating electrician systems, and missing insulation. Infrared thermal imaging is responsible for most of these hidden discoveries. Moisture meters are playing there part as well to verify moisture and discovery. Gas meters detected gas leaks. Digital water levels measure foundations. Plumbing camera's help to find obstructions and damaged plumbing pipes and drains. Blower door test show you what areas can improve to become more energy efficient. Drones have become an advantage to help Houston area home inspectors to see areas that wouldn’t have been safely accessible in the past due to steep, multi story roofs or fragile roofing materials.. You must obtain a license from the FAA to operate Arial drone for commercial purposes so a home inspector would have to carry the FAA license to take advantage of a drones capabilities. There are times when a homes location is too close to air traffic and a drone can’t be used and there are restrictions with weather that will not let you operate a drone. There are even drones available for crawl space inspections.

Most home inspectors go above the standards of practice utilizing technology along with there education and training. Imagine if your home inspector showed up today with a pencil and paper. I don’t believe that would fly with today's client. Today's home buyers have come to expect above the standards home inspection services and wouldn’t settle for a report written with a paper and pencil nor should they.

Many home inspectors incorporate thermal imaging into there home inspection services at no addition cost to the buyer. Home buyers have really benefited in a big way opposed to the early years of the home inspection business.. Home inspectors today find more defects than ever before protecting real estate buyers from high cost defects that more than likely would not have been discovered in the earlier years of home inspections.
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